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Measure and target student learning in both face-to-face and distance learning environments

When teachers were confronted with the transition from in person to distance (or blended) learning, they were thrust into an entirely new mode of instruction. As such, teachers were tasked with determining how to navigate both instruction and assessment from a distance.

Now more than ever it’s important to develop strategies that address the questions: “how can I engage in quality assessment of student learning from a distance?” and “how can we leverage our experiences in distance learning to enhance assessment in any setting?” While not all assessments that were used in a traditional learning environment are practical in a distance and blended learning environment, participants will explore what assessments ARE feasible in any setting.

This high-impact, custom paced professional learning session will allow participants to measure student learning in any setting, dive into an exclusive virtual resource center, and engage in the 4 key concepts of Assessment for Distance and Blended Learning!

The professional learning session includes:

  • A copy of The Assessment Playbook for Distance & Blended Learning, available in print and eBook format
  • Live, synchronous interactive webinars that explore the "Assessment Cookies" and playlists of assessment tools of the Assessment Playbook framework and provide a space for inquiry
  • An opportunity for teams to focus on various types of assessments and understanding what tools work best for their environments


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Based on Douglas Fisher, Nancy Frey, Vince Bustamante, and John Hattie's title, The Assessment Playbook for Distance and Blended Learning, this institute provides strategies that address how we can engage in quality assessment of student learning and how we leverage our experiences in distance learning to enhance assessment in any setting.