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Assessing Impact
Updated Edition of Bestseller

Assessing Impact
Evaluating Professional Learning

Third Edition (Revised Edition)

December 2017 | 312 pages | Corwin
About the Author
Ch. 1 Evaluation as Normative Practice
Ch. 2 Program Evaluation Overview
Ch. 3 Evaluating Professional Learning
Ch. 4 Assess Evaluability
Ch. 5 Formulate Evaluation Questions
Ch. 6 Construct the Evaluation Framework
Ch. 7 Collect Data
Ch. 8 Organize, Analyze, and Display Data
Ch. 9 Interpret Data
Ch. 10 Disseminate and Use Findings
Ch. 11 Evaluate the Evaluation
Ch. 12 Shifting Perspectives About Evaluating Staff Development
A Guide to Appendices
Appendix A: ESSA Definition of Professional Development
Appendix B: Joint Committee on Evaluation in Education Program Evaluation Standards
Appendix C: Logic Model Templates
Appendix D: Sample Love Models
Appendix E: Sample Evaluation Planning Tools
Appendix F: Sample Evaluation Planning Tool Templates
Appendix G: Sample Data Collection Instruments
Appendix H: Step-by-Step Evaluation Guide

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