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Assessing English Language Learners: Bridges to Educational Equity

Assessing English Language Learners: Bridges to Educational Equity
Connecting Academic Language Proficiency to Student Achievement

Second Edition

Foreword by Margaret Heritage

© 2016 | 296 pages | Corwin

Build the bridges for English language learners to reach success!

Ten years ago, the first edition of Margo Gottlieb’s Assessing English Language Learners changed the dialogue about how educators envision educational equity for students. Since then, the ELL and dual language student populations have grown exponentially, and so has the need for forward-thinking and effective approaches to facilitating students’ academic language development alongside their content knowledge. 

This thoroughly updated edition of Gottlieb’s classic delivers a complete set of tools, techniques, and ideas for planning and implementing instructional assessment. The book includes:

  • A focus on academic language use in every discipline, from mathematics to social studies, within and across language domains
  • Emphasis on linguistically and culturally responsive assessment as a key driver for measuring academic achievement
  • A reconceptualization of assessment “as,” “for,” and “of” learning 
  • Reflection questions to stimulate discussion around assessment policies and practices to maximize opportunities for teacher input and student engagement

This book is an essential resource for pre-service and in-service teachers, educator teams, and school leaders striving toward equity in every classroom.

"In this exciting, practitioner-friendly volume, Margo Gottlieb shows us how assessment as, for, and of learning can provide a level playing field for today’s language learners. Educators working with English language learners will find this assessment-moxie book truly invaluable."
—W. James Popham, Professor Emeritus
University of California, Los Angeles

"There are no other books available that cover the topic of fair and equitable assessment practices for English learner as comprehensively as this one. Nor are there any other books with such a rich selection of tools readily available for practitioners. It must belong in every TESOL professional’s library!" 
—Andrea Honigsfeld, Associate Dean and EdD Program Director
Molloy College

About the Author
PART I: Assessment as a Context for Teaching and Learning: Bridges to Equity
1. Assessment of Language Learners: The Bridge to Educational Equity
2. Assessment of Academic Language Through Standards: The Bridge to Systemic Equity
3. Assessment of the Language of the Content Areas: The Bridge to Academic Equity
4. Assessment of Oral Language and Literacy Development: The Bridge to Linguistic Equity
PART II: Assessment from a Different Perspective: The Bridge to School-wide Equity
5. Assessment as Learning: The Bridge to Student Equity
6. Assessment for Learning: The Bridge to Teacher Equity
7. Assessment of Learning: The Bridge to Administrator Equity
8. Assessment Results: Feedback, Standards-Referenced Grading, and Reporting: The Bridge to Sustained Educational Equity
Key features
  1. Each chapter highlights an equity issue that educators face and illustrates how we can promote positive change through assessment in reasonable and practical ways.
  2. Emphasizes the point that academic language as central to both language development and conceptual development, therefore to assessment as well.
  3. Introduces a new paradigm for assessment in the United States that is tied to its purpose- assessment asfor, and of learning- and its stakeholders- students, teachers, and administrators.
  4. Reflections, interspersed throughout chapters offer opportunities for individuals and teams to grapple with some of the issues surrounding the instruction and assessment of language learners and evaluate their potential use in readers' own settings.
  5. Resources extend chapters by providing forms, surveys, and rubrics as well as support materials for instruction and assessment.

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