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A Look at Transfer

A Look at Transfer
Seven Strategies That Work

January 2004 | 80 pages | Corwin
A Look at Transfer examines the six levels of transfer and the adult learner. The book explores the seven bridging strategies to use with adult learners as they learn how the professional development content they are learning does, indeed, transfer into their classrooms and into their life situations.
1. Transfer in Theory: Six Levels
Simple Transfer  
Overlooks: Ollie, the Head-in-the-Sand Ostrich  
Duplicates: Dan, the Drilling Woodpecker  
Replicates: Laura, the Look-Alike Penguin  
Complex Transfer  
Integrates: Jonathan Livingston, the Seagull  
Propagates: Cathy, the Carrier Pigeon  
Innovates: Samantha, the Soaring Eagle  
2. Transfer in Action: Seven Strategies
Understanding Transfer  
Setting Expectations  
Modeling with Authentic Artifacts  
Reflecting on the Level of Transfer  
Plotting on Application  
Trying Something Immediately  
Dialoguing with Lead-ins  
3. Transfer in Reflection: Five Scenarios
Overlooked Transfer  
The French Teacher  
Simple Transfer  
The Trigonometry Teacher  
The Music Teachers  
Complex Transfer  
The Biology Teacher  
The Family Living Teacher  
Appendix: Student Transfer: A Look at

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