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A Guide to Documenting Learning

A Guide to Documenting Learning
Making Thinking Visible, Meaningful, Shareable, and Amplified

January 2018 | 272 pages | Corwin
1. Documenting Learning Types and Purposes
2. Documenting Learning and the Now Literacies
3. Documenting Pedagogy and Heutagogy
4. Documenting Engagement and Learning Layers
5. Documenting with Sharing and Amplifying in Mind
6. Documenting Phases
7. Documenting Learningflow Routine
8. Documenting with Text and Visual Platforms and Tools in Mind
9. Documenting with Audio, Video, and Blogging Platforms and Tools in Mind
10. Documenting with Unpacking in Mind
11. Documenting Challenge: 21st Century Skills and the Now Literacies
12. Documenting Learning and Branding: Administrative Actions
13. Documenting Learning: Moving Forward

"In Documenting Learning, the authors seek to qualify, rather than quantify, what contemporary learning is all about: looking for, capturing, reflecting, sharing, and amplifying the learning that is taking place. In this text, they break down these actions and how they apply to before, during, and after learning moments and describe a new way to approach contemporary work and self-determined learning."

Michael Fisher, Author and Consultant
The Digigogy Collaborative, Amherst, NY

"I love the idea that students can be aware of their learning. It can be documented, reflected on, curated, and shared in order to garner feedback and that the student owns the learning every step of the way."

Kathleen Rodda, Literacy Coach Affiliation
Eucalyptus Elementary, Hawthorne, CA

"This book touches upon information that would be useful to any school system because it scaffolds ways that educators can help students make their thinking known, which will only improve their future reasoning skills."

LaQuita Outlaw, Principal
Bay Shore Middle School, Bay Shore, NY

"Educators trying to create compelling learning experiences confront the daunting challenge of content coverage requirements and expectations of teaching to the test. Students and their thinking are often invisible as the only representations of learning made public are marks and rankings. Silvia and Janet take the inspirational Reggio Emilia approach and scale it into new contexts to create deep learning experiences for today’s learners, with an eye on the future of learning as well."

Cameron Paterson, Head of Learning and Teaching
Shore School, North Sydney, Australia

"This book will become an important guide for schools and educators to have on their shelves. The content is original, highly organized and presents many new ideas on documenting learning. It takes what is happening in the world of teaching right now and elevates it to a coherent pedagogical process. The graphics are a fantastic resource."

Andrea Hernandez, Educational Consultant
amplifiEDucation and, Jacksnonville, FL
Key features
Documenting Learning is a process that facilitates student-driven learning, helping students reflect on and articulate their own learning processes. It also helps teachers reflect on their own personal professional learning and their practice in the classroom.


  • The purposes and different types of Documentation are explained
  • Teachers will learn different "LearningFlows" (similar to work flows) to help them integrate Documentation throughout the curriculum
  • Extended, authentic examples of Documentation in real classrooms
  • Accompanied by a robust companion website where readers can find even more authentic examples of Documentation and video tutorials.

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