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Visible Learningplus is based on one simple belief: every student should experience at least one year’s growth over the course of one school year.

Visible Learningplus translates the groundbreaking Visible Learning research by Professor John Hattie of the University of Melbourne into a practical model of inquiry and evaluation. Rather than a one-day workshop or a one-size-fits-all solution to school success, however, the Visible Learningplus School Impact Model is a schoolwide system improvement process that takes place over several years and provides the clarity you need to focus on the practices that have the highest impact on student achievement.

In short, Visible Learningplus puts the focus on what works best to maximize student achievement.

Corwin has acquired the full global rights and license of Visible Learningplus. For more information, read our FAQs and press release.


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The School Impact Process

Designed to enhance the capability of school leaders and teachers, the Visible Learningplus model of professional learning combines the workshop components of the Foundation Series and Inside Series with Assessments and Impact Coaching to provide a long-term, sustainable solution to improve student learning and increase schoolwide achievement.


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