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You Have to Go to School...You're the Teacher!

300+ Classroom Management Strategies to Make Your Job Easier and More Fun

Resolve classroom management challenges with 300+ field-tested insights, tips, and strategies!

In the third edition of this best-selling book, teacher, trainer, and keynote speaker Renee Rosenblum-Lowden and school counselor Felicia Lowden Kimmel share their expertise on positive classroom discipline and working with all learners in Grades K–12, including special and resistant learners and struggling learners. Blending the authors' common sense, wit, and professional knowledge, this edition features new information on:

  • Defusing difficult situations
  • Getting students to complete homework assignments, come to school prepared, and stay on task
  • Figuring out how to partner with school counselors and parents
  • Praising students appropriately and offering constructive criticism

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  • Grade Level: PreK-12
  • ISBN: 9781412951227
  • Published By: Corwin
  • Year: 2007
  • Page Count: 200
  • Publication date: December 20, 2013

Price: $39.95

Price: $39.95
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Praise for the Second Edition:

"This book should be required reading for all teachers. The multitude of classroom strategies offers teachers invaluable insights and techniques."
—Michelle Fratti, Consultant, NYC Partnership for Teacher Excellence
Former Superintendent of Schools, New York City

Praise for the Third Edition:

"This book speaks to rookie teachers, veteran teachers, and every teacher in between. Through sharing stories, modeling behaviors, and holding up a mirror, the authors convey in a lighthearted way the truth of what teaching is all about—creating a classroom environment that encourages both students and educators to strive for and experience success."
—Sue Hughes, Supervisor
Allegany County Public Schools, MD

Resolve classroom management challenges with more than 300 field-tested insights, tips, and strategies!

In the third edition of this bestseller, teacher, trainer, and keynote speaker Renee Rosenblum-Lowden and school counselor Felicia Lowden Kimmel offer beginning and experienced teachers an abundance of techniques for dealing with everyday classroom management issues. Blending their professional knowledge, common sense, and wit, the authors provide new strategies for:

  • Avoiding confrontations, defusing difficult situations, and encouraging honest communication
  • Empowering students by building their confidence and cultivating responsible behaviors
  • Getting students to complete homework assignments, come prepared, and stay on task
  • Working with parents and staff

This timeless collection of innovative ideas and teacher-tested methods is an ideal "mentor-in-a-book" that educators will use again and again throughout their careers.

Rapper Jay-Z Thanks Ms. Lowden for Inspiring Him

Key features

  • Revised edition of best-selling title
  • More than 300 easy-to-find insights, tips, tactics, and strategies in one concise volume
  • Appropriate for beginning or veteran teachers
  • Expanded focus emphasizes special learners, resistant learners, growth, development, diversity, gender issues, homework, time on task, and more
  • New coauthor Felicia Kimmel brings expertise as a school counselor




Renee Rosenblum-Lowden photo

Renee Rosenblum-Lowden

Renee Rosenblum-Lowden has taught children and adolescents for more than 25 years in the New York City school system. Currently, she is sharing her love for teaching by presenting seminars and keynote speeches to new and veteran teachers throughout the country, as well as student teachers at various universities. She uses a sense of humor while arming them with great strategies for making classrooms safe and fun—while always being in control. She has devel­oped a curriculum called Prejudice Awareness, using consciousness-raising techniques and incorporating her training in conflict resolu­tion. She was selected by the NYC Board of Education to train teach­ers in this subject.

Ms. Rosenblum-Lowden has conducted workshops for improving com­munication with children and adolescents, using non-confrontational strategies for parents and teachers. Having taught family living and sex education classes, she has unique insights into the needs of her stu­dents. Ms. Rosenblum-Lowden did her undergraduate work at Long Island University and studied at The New School for Social Research and New York University. She continues to be a social activist. She is a transplanted New Yorker who is now living in Colum­bia, Maryland, with her husband Michael and their dog, Susie B. Anthony.

Felicia Lowden Kimmel photo

Felicia Lowden Kimmel

Felicia Lowden Kimmel grew up in Brooklyn, NY. She began her career in education as a high school ESOL and English teacher in San Francisco, before returning east to teach in the Washington DC area. She was selected to lead a Peer Mediation program at Annandale High School in Fairfax County, Virginia. Her program received a great deal of attention and national praise after the tragedy at Columbine. She was spotlighted as a panelist for NPR's "All Things Considered", as well as a featured guest on WPGC's "Stop the Violence". After several years in this capacity, she joined the high school's guidance department, while still continuing her involvement in conflict resolution. Felicia has also worked with school districts faculties on understanding prejudice.

Currently, Felicia is working as a school counselor in Montgomery County, Maryland. She lives in Olney with her husband Troy, their two daughters, Isabella and Lexi and their dog, Maggie.

Table of Contents

Table of Contents



About the Authors

Part I. Tips for New and Student Teachers

1. Odds and Ends for Beginners

Put Loved Ones on Notice

Your Students Didn't Sleep Last Night Either!

The Mentor Teacher

Dress Like a Grown-Up

Students Do Get Crushes


Flexible Personal Expectations

Everyone Else's Plans Are Better

The Clerical Work Blues

Ask Teachers for Help

Observing Other Teachers

Teacher Negativity

Just Say No

Part II. Beginning a Winning Year

2. They're Not Here Yet

Get to School Early

Organizing the Room

Put Up Diplomas

Say Cheese

Don't Be Caught Unprepared or Late

Friendly, But Not Buddies

First Name Versus Surname

Personal Records Debate

3. They're Here

The Rush to Seats

Seating Ideas

Don't Seat by Height or Gender

Dealing for Groups

Record Keeping Questionnaire

Now and Later Cards

What Is Your Favorite Subject?

The First Day "Sneaker"

Fun Introductions

You've Got Mail

Tangible Class Guidelines and Rules

Let Students Set Rules and Consequences

You Own the Limelight

You Can Always Ease Up

Sit With Your Students

Greet Students at the Door


Yowks! 5 Minutes Left

End the First Day on an Up Note

4. They're Gone and You Survived!

Everything Can Be Redone

You're Not a Shrink

You Can't Win `Em All

Go Home and Chill Out

Part III. Helping Students Be Responsible

5. Establishing Routines

Creatures of Habit

The Standardized Notebook

The "Do Now"/ ?Warm Up?

The Aim of "Aim"

Class Wrap-Ups

When to Give Out Worksheets

You Teach, Not Videos

Who Dismisses?

6. Have Them Come (and Stay) Prepared

You Are Not the Supply Store

Bless the Bargain Stores

Collateral, Please

Strings Attached

Creative Pencils

The Sharpener Cover

Pencils = Charity

?You Owe Me a favor?


Scrap Paper

7. Homework Strategies

The Importance of Homework

The Homework Spot

Numbering Homework

Collecting Homework

Hand in a Blank Sheet

Sign on the Dotted Line

Homework Buddies


Oops Pass

Homework Penalty (With Room for Redemption)

Homework Helper?You

8. Bathroom Breaks

The Sign-out Book

?Can You Wait a Minute? ?

The Visual Pass

Secret Code

Bathroom Coupons

Respecting the Restroom

It's That Time?

9. Empowering Students

We Make Our Own Choices

The Right to Pass

The Sanctuary

Tacit Approval

One Is a Rat?Ten Is Power

The "Many Kids Told Me" Fib

Don't Call Home

Softening the Call Home

Tons of Quizzes

Offer Choices

Confer for Grades

"Class"?The Collective Noun

Independent Reading, With Twinkies!

Go With the Roll

Incorporating Fads

Did They Learn What You Taught?

Role Reversal/Role-Playing

?Am I Boring??

Classroom Suggestion Box

A Fun Way to Limit Slang

Don't Overcorrect

Student Revenge: Your Personal Evaluation

"Help, I'm Being Observed!"

I Bragged About You

10. Setting Consequences

Every Act Has a Consequence

Coupons/Tickets/Marbles/ ?Money?

Sweets or No Sweets

Start With a 99%

Conduct Sheets

Torture Sheets

When to Call Home

Avoiding Confrontation

11. Preventing Showdowns

Going on Automatic

Everything Is Embarrassing

Humor, Not Sarcasm

The Biggest No-No: "Only Kidding"

"Shut Up!"?Not!

"I Told You So"

Avoid Arguments


Choose Your Battles

Start All Over

Beware of Empty Threats

No Spur-of-the-Moment Rules

Set Up Winning Situations


Don't Force Students to Lie

Make Rules Specific: Narrow Them Down

No Sides


No Comparisons

Never Attack Personally


12. Alternatives to Yelling

The ?Teacher? Look

The ?Excuse Me? Smile

The Lowered Voice

The Art of Gestures

Clap, Clap

Hurry, Shut Out the Lights!

Praising One

Initials On Board

Visual Commands

"I Am Waiting"

The Bellhop Bell

Stop Teaching

The Tardy Quiz

Early Bird Special

An Imaginary Friend

Word of the Day


13. Knowing Your Audience

Group Dynamics

Division of Labor

Don't Play "I Gotcha"

Deceiving Looks

Kids Have Bad Days, Too

Negative Attention Seekers

Good Kids Can Do Bad Things

Hold Students to Different Standards

Too Much Push on Sports

"Can We Really Be Anything We Want?"

Audio or Visual?

Check the Senses

Respect Privacy

A Secret Is a Secret, Unless...

Ignore Reputation

Permissive Versus Overly Permissive

Cultural Differences

What Language Is Spoken at Home?

Quality, Not Quantity

Confusing Neatness With Responsibility

Describe a Fight to a Potential Pugilist

The Sound-Off Minute

Part IV. Showing You're on the Same Team

14. Communicating Like a Pro

Acknowledge Feelings

Never Deny Perception

Use "I" Messages

"Let's" Instead of "You"

Interchange Gender Pronouns

Limit the "You Shoulds"


How to Listen

Make Limits Total Rather Than Partial

State Rules Impersonally

Vague Allegations

Describe What You See (or Don?t See)

Pick a Rule and Stick to It

Stay Simple: One Word or Sentence Will Do

The Desk Drummer

Would You Talk to an Adult That Way?

Don't Futurize


Don't Mix Criticism With Praise

Cursing ? Yes or No?

Forced Apologies Not Accepted

The Double Message

What Would Another Teacher Tell Me?

15. Being Fair

Admit When You Are Wrong

Admit When You Don't Know Something

Never Break a Promise

Never Demand a Promise

"I'm in a Bad Mood"

"This Hurts Me More Than It Hurts You"

No "Boys Will Be Boys"

Etiquette Pitfalls

Please and Thank You

Gauge the Amount of Homework

16. Bonding Strategies

"I'm on Your Side"

Being Vulnerable: Share a Giggle

Relating Your Own Experiences

Staying Neutral

Those Special Few Minutes

15 Seconds of Fame

Creative Excuses

Bend the Rules


Read Aloud to Your Students

Giant Calendar

Celebrate Birthdays

Catch the Spirit

"I Thought of You"

Morning Meetings

Class Solutions

Decorating Your Room?Again

Thank Them for the Joy They Bring

When All Else Fails, Buy Pizza

Part V. Building Confidence Through Earned Praise

17. Self-Esteem Strategies

Praise, Praise, Praise?But Don't Overpraise

Acknowledge Improvements


Confidence Grading

Enthusiastic Credit When Credit Is Due

Put-Ups, Not Put-Downs

Respect Uniqueness

Leaders Need to Follow

Don't Rush to Correct

Call Home for the "Average" Student

"I Knew You Could Do It" (and More)

A Little White Lie

"You're a Late Bloomer"


Some of Us Can't Spell

Wonderful Comments on Paper

Post All Students' Work

"I Got a 97%! What Did You Get?"

Part VI. Safety

18. Personal, Physical, and Professional Safety

To Touch or Not to Touch

Face the Door

Never Release a Student to a Stranger

Never Throw a Student Out of Your Room

Don?t Break Up Fights

Screen the Videos

Your School's Emergency Plan

The Cafeteria

Keep the Door Open

You Are Neither a Pharmacist nor a Doctor

Do Not Drive Your Students in Your Car

Report Every Accident

Trust Your Gut Feelings and Follow Instincts

Go Home Already!

Part VII. Using Your Support System

19. Working With Parents

Meet Parents Right Away

Send Home an Introduction

Accommodate Parents

Inform Parents Early On

Tear on the Dotted Line

Parents and the Internet

Getting Parents Involved

Special Relative Day

Call Both Parents

Students at Parent Conferences?

Teacher as Middleman

Parent/Teacher Conference Management

Assuring Parents

The Defensive Parent

Parents and Homework

Children as Dream Fulfillers

Parents Knowing More Than You

The Blame Game

Don?t Stereotype

Beware of the Answering Machine


20. Working With the School Support Team

Cover Your Back?When to Consult Your School Counselor or Psychologist

Conflict Resolution

Cooperative Teacher Input

Buddy Teacher

Other Teachers? Successes

Confronting Other Teachers

No Gossiping About Your Students

Teacher Competition

Do You Float?

Field Trip Protocol

Helping Substitute Teachers

Preparing Your Students for Your Absence

Evaluating Substitute Teachers

Partnerships With Local Shops, Libraries, and Bookstores

Getting Along With the "Boss"

The Teachers' Union

Keep Those Skills Sharp

The Really Important People

Part VIII. Parting Shots

21. See You Next Year!

Is Teaching What You Really Want to Do?

Keep in Touch

The Portfolio

Holiday "Blahs"

Burnout Prevention

Only a Few More Months 'til Summer Vacation

Suggested Readings




Price: $39.95
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