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Using RTI for School Improvement

Raising Every Student’s Achievement Scores

With guidelines for developing action plans, this resource provides a step-by-step approach to implementing Response to Intervention as a powerful schoolwide improvement process.

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  • Grade Level: K-12
  • ISBN: 9781412966412
  • Published By: Corwin
  • Year: 2008
  • Page Count: 232
  • Publication date: August 14, 2008

Price: $41.95

Price: $41.95
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"Does a good job of addressing the issues and challenges I have experienced during my career as teacher, staff developer, and administrator. The authors seek to inform and establish understanding."
—Susan N. Imamura, Retired Principal
Hawaii State Department of Education

"Shores and Chester offer clear instructions and sage advice that will fast-forward the widespread adoption of RTI, ultimately providing ALL children with better chances for academic success."
—Jim Grant, Educational Consultant, Author
Staff Development for Educators

A step-by-step approach for implementing RTI to improve schoolwide achievement!

Principals and administrators have only scratched the surface of how Response to Intervention (RTI) can maximize school performance and student achievement. This book gives school and district leaders a comprehensive vision and framework for implementing RTI schoolwide and includes interventions and assessments for teachers.

Cara Shores and Kim Chester help educators identify students at risk, pinpoint highly effective strategies that address students' individual needs, and use assessment to monitor progress and adjust instruction. The book offers an overview of RTI and takes readers through each level of a three-tiered RTI pyramid geared to provide effective teaching practices for all learners and develop interventions for at-risk and nonresponding students. The book presents:

  • Charts, figures, and diagrams to illustrate points throughout each chapter
  • Guidelines for developing action plans at the school or district level
  • Practical suggestions for partnering with parents
  • Reflective questions to help readers apply the information to their schools

Combining a "big picture" approach with research-based strategies, Using RTI for School Improvement illustrates how RTI can transform schools into highly effective, motivating learning environments.

Key features

The book progresses from an overview of RTI and its application to school improvement to a detailed description of Tiers 1, 2, and 3 of a 3-tiered RTI pyramid. Each chapter contains various tools for highlighting important information and raising questions for the reader. These include:

  • Reflective questions designed to ask the reader to apply the information to their own situation
  • Charts, figures and diagrams to illustrate points throughout each chapter
  • Guidelines for implementation of suggestions at the district and school level
  • Parent application questions – focusing the information to the parent perspective, giving suggestions for parent communication


Cara F. Shores photo

Cara F. Shores

Cara Shores began her career as a special education teacher and taught children in both pullout and inclusive classrooms. Shores has trained thousands of teachers and administrators across the United States on practical strategies for inclusion, co-teaching, and increasing achievement for all students through differentiated instruction and RTI. She provides regional and national training for the Council for Exceptional Children. She is co-author of Response to Intervention: A Practical Guide for Every Teacher. Shores now serves as the president of Wesley Educational Services. She received her master’s degree and educational specialists’s degree from the University of West Georgia and has served as student support services coordinator and district director of special education. 
Kim Chester photo

Kim Chester

Kim Chester served as a regular education teacher in an inclusive classroom for many years. During this time, she implemented effective principles of co-teaching and differentiating instruction to meet the diverse needs in her classroom. After her youngest child was born with cerebral palsy, she went back to school to receive her MEd in special education from Kennesaw State University. Currently, she works as a parent mentor in her local school system, as a region AYP consultant, and an educational consultant for Wesley Educational Services. In addition, Chester serves on various committees, including the Governor’s Council on Developmental Disabilities in Georgia. She enjoys working with students and teachers in classroom settings and providing practical strategies for raising student achievement through inclusion, co-teaching, differentiated instruction, behavior management, and RTI.
Table of Contents

Table of Contents


About the Authors

1. Creating Vision and Framework

2. Selecting and Implementing Ongoing Assessment

3. Determining Appropriate Research-Based Interventions

4. Providing Effective Instruction for All: Tier 1

5. Establishing an Intervention Structure for At-Risk Students: Tier 2

6. Delivering Intensive Intervention to Non-Responders: Tier 3

7. Bringing It All Together: A Model for System Implementation





Price: $41.95
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