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Transformative Professional Learning

A System to Enhance Teacher and Student Motivation

This professional development program provides practical steps to strengthen student motivation and learning through research-based approaches to enhance instructional improvement.

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  • Grade Level: PreK-12, Elementary, Secondary
  • ISBN: 9781412981859
  • Published By: Corwin
  • Year: 2011
  • Page Count: 184
  • Publication date: July 12, 2011

Price: $40.95

Price: $40.95
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Motivation is foundational to learning

This book's bold new vision for professional learning emphasizes the importance of intrinsic motivation and respect for cultural diversity to create a transformative approach to school improvement. Knowing that culture and motivation are inseparable influences on learning, Margery B. Ginsberg provides practical steps that focus on teaching and learning grounded in the reality of children's lives. Because motivated teachers tend to have motivated students, Ginsberg's professional development program creates the same motivational conditions for adult learning that work well for students. The book's processes include

  • Shadowing students to help sharpen teachers' understanding of student motivation.
  • Conducting home visits to better connect with students' lives and families
  • Collaborating with other teachers to design lessons
  • Analyzing data in collaboration with students, families, and community members

Included are an abundance of field-tested tools, templates, and protocols. Teachers and administrators will find an experienced voice of reason to guide them through today's maze of increasing demands as they work toward the ultimate goal of engaging all students.

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Key features

(1) A bold, new vision for professional learning that emphasizes the importance of intrinsic motivation and ultimately serves as a driver for school improvement.

(2) Focuses on four "micro cycles" that collectively work to support sustainable school change: classroom profiles that teachers can construct to better understand their students; home visits that are conducted and reflected upon to interrupt deficit thinking about families; collaborative lesson design and implementation that occur in content areas and include student voice; and collaborative data analysis with students and community members as partners.

(3) Includes an abundance of tools, templates, and protocols that have been developed and field tested in schools around the country.

Table of Contents

Table of Contents



About the Authors

1. Transformative Professional Development in Culturally Diverse Classrooms

2. The Motivational Framework for Culturally Responsive Teaching

3. Shadowing Students to Stimulate and Enrich Teacher Knowledge

4. Creating Transformative and Culturally Responsive Learning Through Home Visits

5. Creating Transformative Learning Through Collaborative Lesson Design and Reflective Group Work

6. Using Data to Improve Student Learning






Price: $40.95
Volume Discounts applied in Shopping Cart

For Instructors

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When you select 'request review copy', you will be redirected to Sage Publishing (our parent site) to process your request.