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Real Talk About Time Management

35 Best Practices for Educators

Gain time in each day, reduce stress, and improve your classroom learning environment with 35 practical, teacher-proven strategies for managing time and setting personal boundaries.

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  • Grade Level: PreK-12
  • ISBN: 9781544376912
  • Published By: Corwin
  • Series: Corwin Teaching Essentials
  • Year: 2020
  • Page Count: 216
  • Publication date: February 20, 2020

Price: $31.95

Price: $31.95
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“This book is exactly what busy teachers need! I found so many tips and strategies to streamline all the busyness of planning, grading, collaborating, interacting with parents, engaging students, and even the layout of the classroom. What a joy to read!”
Janel Meehan
English Language Arts Teacher, Grades 6 and 7
San Diego Unified School District
San Diego, CA

Gain more productive time in each day! Real talk about managing time, reducing stress, and avoiding teacher burnout.

Do you love teaching but feel overwhelmed by getting it all done? Effective time management skills transform teacher confidence and morale, energize and engage students, and improve the learning climate of a classroom—for both you and your students.

Time management directly relates to classroom management, your personal sanity, and your overall quality of life inside and outside of the classroom. Time management experts Serena Pariser and Edward F. DeRoche are here to help you reduce stress and find more time in your day with short, practical time management strategies that can greatly improve your classroom learning environment and your mental health. Weaving wellness research with classroom-tested tips and tricks on everything from lesson planning to grading to meeting the needs of individual students, Real Talk About Time Management includes

· 35 practical, teacher-proven strategies for saving time and setting personal boundaries

· Stories and vignettes from educators about proactive time management adjustments that worked

· Real anecdotes from new teachers about the challenges of time management

· “Your Turn” questions after every strategy that invite personal reflection and strategic planning

Students deserve teachers who are energized, optimistic, and in control of the daily grind while still having the energy and time to foster meaningful connections. Develop proactive habits for managing time and give your best self to your students.

Key features

Many of the features will be consistent with the features in Real Talk About Classroom Management.
  • Real Conversations: humorous anecdotes from new teachers about their time management woes
  • Stories and vignettes from the authors’ personal experiences with time management
  • Your Turn sections after every Strategy to provide opportunities for reflection
  • 35 practical strategies for saving time and maintaining wellness


Serena Pariser photo

Serena Pariser

Serena Pariser, M.A., has twelve years classroom experience in public and charter schools from kindergarten to 12th grade. She has taught in some of the most challenging school settings from coast to coast. In addition to her extensive experience in urban school settings, she also has experience in affluent schools, and has truly seen all sides of education. Most of her full time teaching experience is at the middle school level, although she has experience in high school and elementary school settings. She earned her master's degree in Educational Technology from San Diego State University. She has been a teacher, teacher coach, curriculum designer, and has held leadership positions in school settings. Serena was humbled to be recognized as Teacher of the Year at Gompers Preparatory Academy.

She has been invited to present at three consecutive Character Matters conferences at University of San Diego about integrating character education into the Common Core curriculum. Furthermore, she co-presented at the 2015 UCSD Diving Deep: Common Core and NGSS conference. Serena was a three-year member of the advisory board at the Character Education Resource Center at University of San Diego. She later transitioned into the role of an assistant to the Character Education Resource Center and then to Lead Administrator to the 2017 21st Annual Character Matters Conference, that brings together administrators and teachers from all over the country. In addition, Serena was selected to be a National Evaluator for Schools of Character, where she evaluated elementary schools’ character education programs and determined if they were eligible to be a National School of Character.

In addition to her educational work in the United States, Serena has expanded her educational knowledge around the globe. She coached teachers and modeled best practices and engagement strategies in Kathmandu, Nepal and also taught in rural parts of Turkey. Serena was selected as a U.S. Ambassador with Fulbright Distinguished Teachers Award, which gave her an opportunity to coach teachers in Botswana on engagement strategies, smart technology uses, and best practices in the classroom.

Serena has a national audience of educators on social media and her website at www.serenapariser.com, where she writes educational articles for teachers around the country and globe. She currently works as Assistant Director of Field Experience at University of San Diego, where she has a broader influence on new teachers entering the profession. She also instructs a seminar class for new teachers.

Edward F. DeRoche photo

Edward F. DeRoche

Edward F. DeRoche received a BS degree from the University of Maine, an MEd degree from Easter Connecticut State University, and an MA and PhD from the University of Connecticut. He is currently Professor in the School of Education and Codirector of the International Center for Character Education at the University of San Diego.

He has been an elementary and middle school teacher and principal, a public school board member, a member of two private high school boards, and a school of education dean. He is a consultatant, evaluator, author, teacher trainer, and the recipient of several awards. He has published eight books and over 50 articles on educational topics.

Table of Contents

Table of Contents


About the Authors


Part I: Time Management Mindset

Strategy #1: Ask Yourself Questions

Strategy #2: Be Tuned in to the Advice Other Teachers Give You About Time Management

Strategy #3: You Have So Much to Do . . . Why?

Strategy #4: Be a Hunter: Track Down Controllable Factors That Add to Your Workload

Strategy #5: Change Your Language Around Your Workload

Strategy #6: Am I Scraping the Right Car?

Strategy #7: Watch Your Water Cooler

Strategy #8: Get Unstuck When You Feel Paralyzed by Too Much to Do

Strategy #9: Organize and Unclutter

Strategy #10: Prep Where It Counts Before the Start of School

Part II: Planning

Strategy #11 Cut Down Your Grading Time

Strategy #12: Meetings: Stick to an Agenda to Save Time

Strategy #13: What’s Your Right Climate?

Strategy #14: Be Proactive, Not Reactive With Tasks

Strategy #15: Cell Phones, E-mails, and Social Media . . . Oh My!

Strategy #16: Plan Enough Time for Each Student

Strategy #17: Peer Mediators to Save Time in Your Classroom

Part III: At School

Strategy #18: Healthy Habits With Curriculum

Strategy #19: Groupwork

Strategy #20: When We Have to Be Present

Strategy #21: Manage Time in Your Lessons

Strategy #22: Technology

Strategy #23: Necessary Multitasking

Strategy #24: Helping Your Students Manage Their Time

Strategy #25: Get a Handle on Paperwork

Strategy #26: Manage Time in Parent Conferences/Parent Meetings

Strategy #27: Managing Your Time Dealing With Extracurricular Activities

Strategy #28: Have a System to Keep Up With E-mails

Strategy #29: Know When to Take Little Breaks Throughout the Day

Part IV: At Home

Strategy #30: Manage Correspondence With Parents and Students

Strategy #31: Taking Care of Yourself

Strategy #32: Meditation

Strategy #33: Enjoy Your Time After School and on the Weekends

Strategy #34: Secondary Trauma

Strategy #35: Compassion Fatigue

An Open Letter to Teachers





Price: $31.95
Volume Discounts applied in Shopping Cart

For Instructors

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