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The Re-Enchantment of Learning - Book Cover

The Re-Enchantment of Learning

A Manual for Teacher Renewal and Classroom Transformation
Formerly published by Zephyr Press

Explore more than 120 user-friendly, field-tested learning strategies for brain-based teaching that optimizes learning, taps into students' creativity, boosts teachers' instructional effectiveness, and raises student achievement.

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The Re-Enchantment of Learning - Book Cover
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  • Grade Level: PreK-12
  • ISBN: 9781569760765
  • Published By: Corwin
  • Year: 2001
  • Page Count: 208
  • Publication date: January 01, 2001

Price: $40.95

Price: $40.95
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For Instructors

This book is not available as a review copy.


Formerly published by Zephyr Press

This step-by-step guide to brain-based teaching presents innovative learning approaches that optimize learning, tap into students' creativity, boost teachers' instructional effectiveness, and raise student achievement.

The authors provide user-friendly, field-tested learning strategies that include more than 120 process and reflection activities for use with individuals, small groups, or an entire class.


Sam Crowell photo

Sam Crowell

Sam Crowell is an associate professor of education at California State University–San Bernardino and a director at the Center for Research in Integrative Learning and Teaching. He has been an elementary teacher, a principal, and an administrator.
Renate Nummela Caine photo

Renate Nummela Caine

Renate Nummela Caine is a principal of Caine Learning LLC and consultant to districts, schools, teachers, administrators, and communities to implement brain-based learning. She is the senior author, with Geoffrey Caine, of the groundbreaking Making Connections: Teaching and the Human Brain. She has worked with countless educators in the U.S. and around the globe. Recently, Renate and Geoffrey Caine worked with a low-income, underachieving K-5 elementary school in California to help teachers design more innovative teaching strategies using the brain/mind learning principles and district standards.

Caine is professor emeritus of education at California State University in San Bernardino, where she was also executive director of the Center for Research in Integrative Learning and Teaching. She has taught every level from kindergarten to university. She earned her PhD from the University of Florida in educational psychology.
Geoffrey Caine photo

Geoffrey Caine

Geoffrey Caine, a director of Caine Learning LLC, is a learning consultant and process coach. Caine has been published extensively and is co-author of six books, including Making Connections: Teaching and the Human Brain. His work carries him throughout the United States and abroad. He works in the worlds of education, business, and government, where he capitalizes on his prior experiences as a professor of law, an education services manager of a national software company, a state manager of a national publishing company, and national director of the Mind/Brain Network of the American Society for Training and Development.   

He has given keynote addresses or made presentations to the Campaign for Learning in the United Kingdom, the World Conference on Education for All, the Eighth International Conference on Thinking, the Whole Schools Institute sponsored by the Mississippi Arts Commission, and numerous other national and regional organizations and associations. Caine's major interest is in how best to improve the ways in which people learn together. He directs his attention to the arts of deep listening, dwelling in the question, and processing experience for the lessons it has to offer. 
Table of Contents

Table of Contents




Part I. Beginning the Journey

1. Beginning a Search for New Possibilites

Part II. Seeing With New Eyes

2. Terra Creare: The Landscape of Reenchantment

3. Reclaiming the Joy

4. Reenchantment as a Sense of Connection

5. Reenchantment as Wonder and Imagination

Part III. Approaching Our Work

6. Reenchantment asd Learning to Let Go: From Control to Relationship

7. The Reenchantment of Content: Expandning Our Cognitive Horizons

8. Reenchantment as a Source of Inner Knowing: From External Authority to Self-Efficacy

Part IV. Charting Our Path

9. Educating as if the World Mattered



Price: $40.95
Volume Discounts applied in Shopping Cart

For Instructors

This book is not available as a review copy.