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The Graphic Novel Classroom

POWerful Teaching and Learning With Images
By: Maureen Bakis

Foreword by James Bucky Carter

Secondary language arts teacher Maureen Bakis shows how to engage adolescents by using graphic novels to teach 21st-century skills, improve reading comprehension, and promote literacy learning.

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  • Grade Level: PreK-12, Elementary, Secondary
  • ISBN: 9781412936842
  • Published By: Corwin
  • Year: 2011
  • Page Count: 176
  • Publication date: November 08, 2011

Price: $34.95

Price: $34.95
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A secret weapon for engaging adolescents

Could you use a superhero to teach reading, writing, critical thinking, and problem solving? While seeking the answer, secondary language arts teacher Maureen Bakis discovered a powerful pedagogy that teaches those skills and more. The amazingly successful results prompted her to write this practical guide that shows middle and high school teachers how to incorporate graphic novels into their classrooms in order to:

  • Teach 21st century skills, including interpretation of content and form
  • Promote authentic literacy learning
  • Grow learners' competency in writing and visual comprehension
  • Motivate students to create in multiple formats, including images
  • Engage struggling as well as proficient students in reading

This comprehensive resource includes teaching and learning models, text-specific detailed lesson units, and examples of student work. If you are looking for an effective, contemporary way to jump-start learning and inspire students to love reading, The Graphic Novel Classroom is the superpower you need!


Key features

  • Offers detailed lesson units for teaching specific graphic novels in the secondary English language arts classroom
  • Presents a framework for the effective use of graphic novels in an English langauge arts class
  • Suggests various ways to assess learning
  • Includes examples of student work


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Maureen Bakis

Maureen Bakis is a mother of four children and has been teaching English at Masconomet Regional High School in Topsfield, Massachusetts for seven years. Maureen presents her experiences teaching graphic novels to high school students at local, regional, and national conferences and events, most recently New York Comic Con, Harvard University’s Center for Middle Eastern Studies, and New England Comics in the Classroom. She also blogs about her experiences as webmaster at www.graphicnovelsandhighschoolenglish.com.
Table of Contents

Table of Contents



Introduction: Welcome to the Graphic Novel Classroom

Part I. Looking at Literacy in the Graphic Novel Classroom

1. Looking at the Comics Medium

Scott McCloud’s Understanding Comics

2. Interpreting Images

Shaun Tan’s The Arrival

Rachel Masilimani’s Two Kinds of People

Gene Leun Yang’s American Born Chinese

3. Looking at the Big Picture

Will Eisner’s A Contract with God and A Life Force

Part II. Looking at Memoir in the Graphic Novel Classroom

4. Pictures, Perception, and the Past: Teaching Marjane Satrapi’s Persepolis

5. Legacies & Images: Teaching Art Spiegelman’s Maus, Elie Weisel’s Night, and Scott Russell Sanders’ “Under the Influence”

Part III: Looking at Superheroes in the Graphic Novel Classroom

6. A Glimpse at the Superhero Genre: Teaching Frank Miller’s Batman: The Dark Knight Returns

7. Making the Invisible Visible: Teaching Alan Moore’s V for Vendetta

Afterword: The Value of Teaching Graphic Novels in School






Price: $34.95
Volume Discounts applied in Shopping Cart

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When you select 'request review copy', you will be redirected to Sage Publishing (our parent site) to process your request.

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