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The First-Year Teacher - Book Cover

The First-Year Teacher

Be Prepared for Your Classroom

This go-to guide for new teachers adds chapters focused on special education and inclusion, in addition to providing a 30-day learning plan that addresses instruction, assessment, and classroom management.

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The First-Year Teacher - Book Cover
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  • Grade Level: PreK-12
  • ISBN: 9781483317717
  • Published By: Corwin
  • Year: 2014
  • Page Count: 192
  • Publication date: November 04, 2014

Price: $28.95

Price: $28.95
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The survival guide for new teachers—now updated!

Thousands of new teachers have relied on this practical resource, both early in their careers and during later transitions. The First-Year Teacher takes readers through a complete classroom year and is packed with strategies and tips for every part of the journey.

Now in its fourth edition, this best-selling title is newly updated with chapters addressing classroom management, special education, inclusive classrooms, and more. Whether you’re a first-year teacher, career-transitioning into teaching, or starting over in another district, this respected resource will help you

  • Complete a successful job search and prepare for your new position
  • Start the year strong with a 30-day learning plan that addresses instruction, assessment, and classroom management
  • Co-teach in an inclusive classroom¬—particularly valuable for special education teachers
  • Build essential skills in planning, managing time, and partnering with families

Discover how to survive and thrive during year one and beyond.

"The First-Year Teacher makes the perfect gift for every new teacher. It is especially helpful in developing classroom management, which is the most important skill a teacher can have, and it builds confidence just when the new teacher needs it the most.”
—Heide McCleery, Retired Teacher
Parkhill School District

The First-Year Teacher is comprehensive enough to help with everything from applying for a job through wrapping up a successful first year. The easy format used by the authors makes it the go-to book every new and returning teacher must own!”
—Irene Evans, Teacher
Kiptopeke Elementary

Key features

  • Uniquely organized to move the teacher chapter-by-chapter through their first year
  • Provides a coding system developed specifically for teachers working in special education, middle school, secondary, and culturally diverse classrooms.
  • Has specific chapter designed to prepare a special education teacher for the first year and all teachers for the role of co-teaching.


Karen A. Bosch photo

Karen A. Bosch

Karen Bosch, Ph.D. is a professor of education and the Director of Teacher Education at Virginia Wesleyan College in Norfolk, Virginia. She has been awarded the Most Inspiring Faculty Award from Old Dominion University and most recently has become the recipient of the Virginia Wesleyan College’s Batten Distinguished Faculty Award for excellence in teaching, scholarship, and passion for inspiring others. Karen has also written the book, The First Year Teacher, which prepares and supports beginning teachers in their first year and more. She has published articles in Middle School Journal, Current Issues in Middle Level Education, Clearing House, Journal of Computing in Education, and Journal of Research on Computing in Education. As an educational consultant, she conducts seminars and workshops on classroom management and effective teaching practices. She has presented her research and her teacher preparation program models at conferences nationwide. She was formerly a public school teacher and administrator.

Table of Contents

Table of Contents


About the Authors

Chapter 1. Where Do I Start?

I. The Application Process

II. Preparing a Resume and a Portfolio

III. Preparing for the Interview

Chapter 2. What Do I Do First?

I. I'm Hired--What's Next?

II. Before School Starts

III. Preparing for the First Day

IV. Survival Advice

Chapter 3. How Do I Prepare for Co-Teaching?

I. I'm Hired for an Inclusive Classroom--Now What?

II. Understanding an Inclusive Classroom

Chapter 4. How Do I Work With Parents or Guardians?

I. Parent Involvement

II. Effective Communication

III. Back-to-School Event

IV. The Open House

V. The Parent-or-Guardian-Teacher Conference

VI. More Parent or Guardian Involvement Suggestions

Chapter 5. How Do I Begin the Year?

I. Teacher as a Manager

II. The 30-Day Classroom Management Plan

III. Comments From First-Year Teachers

Chapter 6. How Can I Do It All?

I. Time Management

II. Time-Saver Ideas From Teachers

III. More Time-Saver Tips

Chapter 7. How Do I End the Year?

I. Count Down: The Last Month

II. End-of-the-Year Management Plan

III. Reflecting on the First Year

IV. How Do I Prepare for My Second Year?





Price: $28.95
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