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The Education Revolution - Book Cover

The Education Revolution

How to Apply Brain Science to Improve Instruction and School Climate
Brain research has the power to revolutionize education. This book explains how educators can use current neuroscience findings to improve student achievement, behavior, and school climate.

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The Education Revolution - Book Cover
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  • Grade Level: PreK-12
  • ISBN: 9781506332062
  • Published By: Corwin
  • Year: 2016
  • Page Count: 200
  • Publication date: July 04, 2016

Price: $39.95

Price: $39.95
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Maximizing student capacity and restoring motivation—the key to school success

Brain research has the power to revolutionize education, but it can be difficult for educators to implement innovative strategies without the proper knowledge or resources. The Education Revolution bridges the gap between neuroscience, psychology, and educational practice. It delivers what educators need: concrete applications of the most current and relevant research that they can use in their classrooms and schools. Readers will find

  • Teaching strategies based on the latest brain research, designed to advance academic performance
  • Scientifically sound, solution-focused practices to address the root of negative behaviors
  • Approaches to counteract the negative impact of technology on the brain
  • Concrete methods to improve school climate
  • Model lessons for teachers that demonstrate how to implement the given strategies

Written by Horacio Sanchez, a leading authority on child and adolescent behavior and resiliency, this book shows educators how they can use our growing understanding of brain science to restore students’ desire to learn; improve achievement, behavior and school climate; and revolutionize education.

"Sanchez combines expertise in education, psychology, and neuroscience with extensive teaching experience and extraordinary insight into what makes us all behave the way we do.”
Dr. David L. Katz, President, American College of Lifestyle Medicine
Director, Yale University Prevention Research Center

"The Education Revolution focuses on the whole child through both academic and social aspects of learning. I feel confident that I can trust this research and use these ideas in my teaching."
Kendra Hanzlik, Instructional Coach
Prairie Hill Elementary School, College Community School District


Horacio Sanchez photo

Horacio Sanchez

Horacio Sanchez is a highly sought-after speaker and educational consultant, helping schools learn to apply neuroscience to improve educational outcomes. He presents on diverse topics such as overcoming the impact of poverty, improving school climate, engaging in brain-based instruction, and addressing issues related to implicit bias. He is recognized as one of the nation’s leading authorities on resiliency and applied brain science.
Table of Contents

Table of Contents

Publisher’s Acknowledgments


Chapter 1 A Brain-Based Approach to Teaching

Chapter 2 Advanced Thinking Made Easy

Chapter 3 Three Levels of Learning

Chapter 4 Working Towards Automation—Core Information

Chapter 5 Learning Principles and Applications Through Embodied Cognition

Chapter 6 The Goal of Higher Level Thinking

Chapter 7 Promoting Success Is Key to Restoring Student Motivation

Chapter 8 The Paradox of the Slow and Gifted Learner

Chapter 9 Science of Cheating

Chapter 10 The Decline of Empathy

Chapter 11 New Breed of Bully

Chapter 12 Diet and Education

Chapter 13 Male and Female Brain

Chapter 14 The Subtle Influence of Bias

Chapter 15 Designing Replacement Behaviors

Chapter 16 The Education Revolution




Price: $39.95
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