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Teaching the Whole Teen

Everyday Practices That Promote Success and Resilience in School and Life
Help teens thrive in school, home and community, integrating lifelong skills into practical, culturally responsive, research-based daily practices. Shape a positive climate for adolescents and adults.

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  • Grade Level: PreK-12
  • ISBN: 9781506335889
  • Published By: Corwin
  • Year: 2016
  • Page Count: 288
  • Publication date: August 02, 2016

Price: $39.95

Price: $39.95
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How can you help teens thrive now and for life? Support them as whole learners.

Developing independence and shared responsibility. Collaborating and communicating effectively. Establishing valuable work habits. Harnessing emotions. Finding motivation. We all want teens to acquire these vital skills and engage meaningfully in academics. In this insightful and culturally responsive guide, Poliner and Benson integrate these lifelong skills into daily practices through

  • Practical applications for diverse populations in every class, advisory, team, or club
  • The latest research on best practices from adolescent psychology, neuroscience, mental health, and school climate
  • Tools for teachers, administrators, counselors, and parents to help teens succeed now and later in school, home, workplace, and community.

Teaching the Whole Teen supports adolescents and adults within the school to thrive.

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"This treasure-trove of inventive, concrete ideas offers a gift to our profession."
Roland Barth, Educator

“…the book to turn to when you are working with teens, when you desperately need help, when seeking solace.”
John Hattie, Professor & Director, Melbourne Education Research Institute
University of Melbourne

"…explicitly addresses the unique needs of students of color, students from poverty, and immigrant students in ways that other books don't; should be read by every middle and high school educator."
Zaretta Hammond, Educational Consultant

“…manifests the best thinking in modern education”
Rick Wormeli, Teacher, Writer, Education Consultant

"What a treat to read! Every principal will benefit from reading it."
Thomas Hoerr, Emeritus Head
New City School, St. Louis, MO



Rachel Poliner photo

Rachel Poliner

Rachel Poliner is an educational consultant specializing in whole student approaches and change management. Her work has focused on school climate, instructional, and structural reforms: K-12 social and emotional learning, middle and high school advisory programs, high school redesign, and improving faculty climate. Her in-depth approach spans classroom and school-wide structures, practices and programs, curriculum, staff development, district policies and systems, and coaching administrators, teams and teacher leaders. She is an author of The Advisory Guide: Designing and Implementing Effective Advisory Programs in Secondary Schools, and curricula, chapters, and articles on personalization, social-emotional learning, resiliency, dialogue, and conflict resolution. Poliner has consulted with public and independent schools in New England and across the U.S.; has been a teacher, educational organization director, and a faculty member for master’s degree candidates in conflict resolution education and peaceable schools.

Rachel Poliner can be contacted at RachelPoliner@LeadersAndLearners.org
Jeffrey Benson photo

Jeffrey Benson

Jeffrey Benson has worked in almost every school context in over forty years of experience in the field of education: as a teacher in elementary, middle, and high schools; as an instructor in undergraduate and graduate programs; as an administrator in day and residential schools. He has studied and worked side by side with national leaders in the fields of special education, learning theory, trauma and addiction, school reform, adult development, and conflict resolution. He has been a consultant to public and independent schools, mentored teachers and principals in varied school settings, and has written on many school-based issues. He is the author of Hanging In: Strategies for Teaching the Students Who Challenge Us Most, and 10 Steps to Managing Change in Schools. The core of Jeffrey Benson’s work is in understanding how people learn, the starting point for everything that schools should do.

Jeffrey Benson can be contacted at JeffreyBenson@LeadersAndLearners.org
Table of Contents

Table of Contents


About the Authors


Part I. Seeing the Whole Teen

Chapter 1. The Whole Teen Comes Into the School

Chapter 2. The Whole Teen Comes Into a Dominant Culture

Part II. Everyday Practices

Chapter 3. Connecting to Adults and Peers, Not Just to Academics

Chapter 4. Creating a Culture of Shared Responsibility, Not Just Obeying

Chapter 5. Learning Collaboratively, Not Just Nearby

Chapter 6. Communicating Effectively, Not Just Mumbling, Exploding, Avoiding, or Texting

Chapter 7. Managing Work and Developing a Work Ethic, Not Just Passing or Cramming

Chapter 8. Developing Emotional Skillfulness Proactively, Not Just Reactively

Chapter 9. Becoming More Independent, Not Just Alone

Chapter 10. Connecting Lessons to Life, Not Just to Tests

Part III. The Whole School Surrounds the Whole Teen

Chapter 11. Leaders Set the Tone for Themselves and Others

Chapter 12. Schoolwide Structures, Practices, and Policies That Support the Whole Teen

Chapter 13. Faculty Culture That Supports the Whole Teen

Chapter 14. The Novice Teacher Comes Into the School

Appendix: Formats and Facilitation Tools





Price: $39.95
Volume Discounts applied in Shopping Cart

For Instructors

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