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Teaching Emotional Intelligence

Strategies and Activities for Helping Students Make Effective Choices
Second Edition
By: Adina Bloom Lewkowicz

This revised edition features expanded research, new lessons on topics such as bullying and violence prevention, lesson modifications for middle schools, and guidelines for positive classroom management.

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  • Grade Level: PreK-12, Elementary, Secondary
  • ISBN: 9781412940580
  • Published By: Corwin
  • Year: 2006
  • Page Count: 224
  • Publication date: January 25, 2013

Price: $43.95

Price: $43.95
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"The sanest and safest kids on this planet are the ones who know who they are and how to make choices. The author has condensed this complex and critical process into one fantastic classroom manual."
—Michael Bradley, Psychologist and Author

"Well organized and comprehensive. A great resource for teachers and counselors who want to focus more on emotional intelligence. Practitioners can choose the topics most relevant to their students."
—Jennifer Betters, Elementary School Counselor, Madison, WI

Give students the tools to make effective choices in and out of the classroom!

Students make decisions every day that impact their academic success and personal futures. Developing emotional, social, and life skills is critical for making effective choices and becoming confident, engaged learners. Teaching Emotional Intelligence, Second Edition, provides educators with fresh and engaging techniques to help children increase self-awareness, manage emotions, build self-control, and develop positive relationships.

In a streamlined, teacher-friendly format, Adina Bloom Lewkowicz offers tools to promote students' personal and academic success. This practical text provides a generous collection of fully developed lesson plans with role plays, ready-to-use reproducibles, and suggestions for adapting the activities to individual learning levels.

This revised edition features:

  • Expanded coverage of relevant research
  • New lessons on topics such as bullying and violence prevention
  • Lesson modifications for middle school students
  • Guidelines for positive classroom management

Designed to help students learn to make informed and positive life choices, this comprehensive resource gives teachers strategies for promoting healthy classroom environments and supports students in building happy and successful lives.



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Adina Bloom Lewkowicz

Adina Bloom Lewkowicz has an extensive background in prevention, education, expressive arts, and therapy. Most recently, Lewkowicz consulted with the Agnon School, in Ohio, providing programming and training in the area of social-emotional learning. For the past 20 years, Lewkowicz has been developing prevention curricula for schools throughout Ohio. She was the coordinator of the SAY (Social Advocates for Youth) Coalition of Bellefaire JCB in Cleveland, Ohio, providing prevention programs and materials for adolescents. Lewkowicz is the author of Teaching Emotional Intelligence: Strategies and Activities for Helping Students Make Effective Choices (Corwin Press). It is a stream-lined, teacher-friendly manual that thousands of teachers have used to help promote students’ personal and academic success through the transmission of emotional, social, and life skills. Lewkowicz speaks and consults nationally on the book and related topics.

As an arts educator, Lewkowicz developed a curriculum for an afterschool day care program, using the expressive arts to complement the standard school curriculum. Lewkowicz was the founder and director of The Jewish Ensemble Theater, combining values clarification and theatrical exercises in original dramatic productions for community and school audiences. For seven years, Lewkowicz was an artist-in-residence with the Ohio Arts Council, National Endowment for the Arts, providing theatrical residencies for youth and adolescents in elementary schools throughout Ohio. Lewkowicz continues to coach acting and voice privately, and provides workshops and inservice training to theaters, agencies, universities, and national organizations on the uses of drama in education, prevention, and therapy.

As a therapist, Lewkowicz has worked with adolescents, providing prevention and early intervention services, individual and group counseling, and psychosocial drama groups. She has worked with adults with mental illness and dual diagnoses, using the arts in individual and group sessions, and she has also provided concrete and supportive services to senior adults in assisted living and senior residences.

In addition, Lewkowicz is a professional actress and singer. As a speaker, Lewkowicz brings with her all her areas of experience and expertise as well as her theatrical background, offering presentations that are not only full of useful information, but highly enjoyable as well!
Table of Contents

Table of Contents



About the Author

Introduction: A Teacher Laments

Section 1: Developing Emotional Skills

1. Understanding Choice-Making

2. Developing Group Choice-Making

3. Identifying Feelings

4. Understanding Assumptions

5. Examining and Lowering Anxiety

6. Becoming Aware of Feelings

7. Dealing With Anger

8. Examining and Accepting Responsibility

9. Choosing Happiness

Section 2: Developing Social Skills

10. Developing Self-Acceptance

11. Examining Self-Measurement

12. Evaluating Unrealistic Expectations

13. Promoting Friendship

14. Strengthening Family

15. Learning About Put-Downs

16. Dealing With Peer Pressure

17. Examining Prejudice

Section 3: Developing Life Skills

18. Looking at Manipulation

19. Strengthening Active Listening and Feedback Skills

20. Developing Assertiveness

21. Learning Communication and Negotiation

22. Building Study Skills

23. Clarifying Values and Consequences

24. Investigating Cheating

25. Investigating Stealing

26. Investigating Bullying

27. Investigating Abuse of Alcohol and Other Drugs

28. Getting Help

29. Taking Risks and Setting Goals

Epilogue: A Teacher Rejoices

Resource A: Reproducible Masters

Resource B: Summary Activities





Price: $43.95
Volume Discounts applied in Shopping Cart

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