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Shift Ed

A Call to Action for Transforming K–12 Education

Futurist David Houle and educational strategist Jeff Cobb assert that we already have the information and capabilities to make the necessary changes, and challenges us to take action now.

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  • Grade Level: PreK-12, Elementary, Secondary
  • ISBN: 9781412992961
  • Published By: Corwin
  • Year: 2011
  • Page Count: 184
  • Publication date: June 07, 2012

Price: $32.95

Price: $32.95
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"America needs a new educational vision. Shift Ed provides a clear vision that emphasizes the essential ingredients of a 21st-century education based upon creativity, collaboration, and critical thinking. Houle and Cobb make a great case that nothing less than transformation will be enough."
—Dan Pink, Author

"As an educator, I highly recommend this book on the transformation of K–12 education. Old ways, repeating the past, and no change are hallmarks of a broken system? Shift Ed outlines the case for building a new system of K–12 education."
—Jerry Ice, President and CEO, Graduate School, Washington D.C.

"The strength of this book is the strong case the authors make for change. They point out how our nation is falling behind in the quest for global supremacy and outline the changes needed to correct that problem."
—Randel Beaver, Superintendent, Archer City ISD, TX

A comprehensive guide to transforming American schools

Futurist David Houle and educational strategist Jeff Cobb issue a "call to action" to everyone who is concerned about education in America. The book begins with a helpful background on the roots of American education, the current landscape, and the forces that are driving transformation. This background supports the author's case that reinventing our system is inevitable and we already have the information and capabilities to make the necessary changes. Shift Ed challenges us to ask the right questions, expand our vision, and take action now. The book includes an overview of the educational system and expert opinions on key areas, including:

  • Technology and connectivity
  • Organizational behavior
  • Curriculum
  • Learning and the brain
  • Infrastructure and the physical plant

Shift Ed is more than a book for educators. Its message is critical for policy makers, school superintendents, education foundation executives, and parents who want to know the facts and be prepared to take the decisive action our children deserve.

Hear what Houle has to say about transformational education:


Key features

Includes background research on the educational system and how it has evolved in the first few chapters. The book then makes a call for transformation and brings in expert's voices from many fields to bolster the arguments. Finally, the book offers key questions to ask and plans for transformation in the final chapters.


David Houle photo

David Houle

David Houle is a futurist, speaker, and strategist. He has been called “the CEO futurist” and “the emerging futurist in the world today.” He is the author of The Shift Age, has delivered more than 250 speeches around the world in the last three years, including numerous education conferences, and has made a commitment to help shape the vision of education for this century.
Jeff Cobb photo

Jeff Cobb

Jeff Cobb is a strategist, writer, and speaker on the social and economic impact of new technologies. He has established himself as one of the leading thinkers on “Learning 2.0”?the blending of social media and open collaboration with traditional education?and is a vocal advocate of “cradle to grave” lifelong learning.
Table of Contents

Table of Contents



1. A Quick Look Back

The Agricultural Age

The Industrial Age

The Information Age

American Childhood Education Through the Ages

2. The Current Landscape of Education in America

A System Out of Sync

Not Your Forefather's College

Learning - and Relearning - to Work

Holding Our Own in the Global Classroom

Facing the Issues and Shifting the Vision

Change Visions: From Train to Rocket

3. A Look Ahead

The Shift Age

The Twenty-First Century

2010 to 2020: The Transformation Decade

Change Visions: The Need for New

4. Generations

Baby Boomers: The Bridge Generation

Generation X: A Different Voice

Millennials: The Emerging Leaders

Digital Natives: Today's and Tomorrow's Students

Change Visions: Reconnecting

5. Why Transformation Is the Only Path

A Change in Form

A Change in Appearance

A Change in Nature

Signals From the Future

Change Visions: The New Architecture of Learning

6. Working on the Shift Ed Vision

Jim Rex

Peter Renwick

Janice Mattina

Karen Woodward

7. Ask the Right Questions

Technology and Connectivity

Calendar and Operations


Learning and the Brain

Infrastructure and the Physical Plant

Answering the Questions

Preparing Teachers

Your Contribution

Change Visions: Survival Skills for the Twenty-First Century

8. Expand the Vision

The New Vision of Education for the Twenty-First Century

Four Fundamentals for Twenty-First-Century Education

9. Start Now!

The Shift Ed 21

Parting - But Not Final - Words






Price: $32.95
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