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High School Graduation

K-12 Strategies That Work

From one remarkably improved school system, this resource provides concrete strategies and tools to close achievement gaps and build program pathways for improved graduation rates.

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  • Grade Level: PreK-12
  • ISBN: 9781452217642
  • Published By: Corwin
  • Year: 2013
  • Page Count: 200
  • Publication date: August 23, 2013

Price: $40.95

Price: $40.95
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High-impact strategies to improve student outcomes

Based on first-hand experiences from one of the world’s fastest improving school systems, this comprehensive resource helps teachers and leaders increase student achievement and outcomes in elementary, middle, and high school education.

Written by three educators instrumental in developing and implementing Ontario, Canada’s remarkably successful educational strategies, High School Graduation: K–12 Strategies That Work provides concrete, detailed, and research-informed tools with particular attention to learning progressions. Scaffolded instruction and leadership strategies promote early and sound foundations in literacy and numeracy, build pathways to close achievement gaps, and emphasize multiple high-impact strategies, including character and citizenship development to improve graduation rates. You’ll also find:

  • A multi-pronged approach that includes state, district, and school-level action points
  • Sample tools and templates for planning and self-assessment
  • Lessons learned from schools that have successfully implemented these strategies

This book makes large-scale reform possible and accessible.

Key features

  1. Provides concrete, detailed, research informed strategies based on the first-hand experiences of the authors who led the development and implementation of Ontario's improvement strategy for Kindergarten through Grade 12.
  2. Offers a multi-pronged approach--namely state–wide, district-wide, school- wide and classroom-based- focused on raising the bar in student achievement and closing gaps for students who have historically underperformed resulting in higher graduation rates.
  3. Includes sample tools such as templates for improvement planning and school self-assessment and offers profiles from successful schools to show how improvement is possible across a range of circumstances.


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Avis E. Glaze

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Dr. Avis Glaze is known as an international leader in the field of education. As one of Canada’s outstanding educators, she has won many awards for her work in areas such as leadership development, student achievement, school and system improvement, character development and equity of student outcomes. She was a Commissioner on Ontario’s Royal Commission on Learning, influencing the direction of education in that province. As Ontario’s first Chief Student Achievement Officer and founding CEO of the Literacy and Numeracy Secretariat, she played a pivotal role in improving student achievement in Ontario schools.

Dr. Glaze has been a tireless advocate for both excellence and equity in education. She is passionate about the enhancement of public education and believes that educators play a fundamental role in sustaining democracy. Her major assertion, based on her experience as a leader in Ontario’s literacy and numeracy strategy implementation, is that educators have both the will and the skill to improve education. For her, capacity building is at the heart of school improvement.

Dr. Glaze served as Ontario’s Education Commissioner and Senior Adviser to the Ontario Minister of Education and as Professor in Residence in the Faculty of Education at the University of Otawa. Currently, she is President of Edu-quest International Inc. offering a wide range of educational services across the globe. She continues to motivate and inspire educators through speaking engagements and by consulting with school districts, non-profit organizations and businesses to maximize talent and achieve results. Recently, she was appointed as Adviser to the Minister of Education in New Zealand.

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Ruth Mattingley

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Ruth Mattingley has provided leadership in education provincially, nationally and internationally. She has been a key note speaker and workshop leader in the areas of leadership development, school and district improvement planning, improving student achievement, special education and a range of other topics. Ruth has worked effectively with school districts and schools across Ontario, acting as a “critical friend” to support clients in identifying their strengths, areas in need of further development and strategies to achieve their improvement goals.

Ruth began her career as an elementary school teacher with the Lambton County Board of Education. She has taught primary, junior, and intermediate grades as well as special education. She has experience as an elementary school administrator in both urban and rural settings. In 1995 she was appointed superintendent of education and held that role within the Lambton Kent District School Board for 12 years. In addition to supervising elementary and secondary schools she has had responsibility for a range of district portfolios including special education, curriculum development and implementation, teacher professional development and leadership development.

Ruth joined the Ontario Ministry of Education in 2005 as Senior Executive Officer of the newly created Literacy and Numeracy Secretariat. In this role Ruth worked closely with Ontario’s Chief Student Achievement Officer, Dr. Avis Glaze, to develop Ontario’s provincial strategy for improving achievement in literacy and numeracy for elementary school students.

Table of Contents

Table of Contents

Lists of Tables, Figures, and Appendices



About the Authors

1. Results Without Rancor or Ranking: The Ontario Improvement Strategy

2. Excellence and Equity

3. District and School Improvement: A Blueprint for Success

4. High-Impact Strategies for Elementary Schools

5. High-Impact Strategies for Secondary Schools

6. Leadership for Improved Learning

7. Improving Graduation Rates: What Does It Take?





Price: $40.95
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