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RTI Strategies for Secondary Teachers

This book offers a bank of proven RTI strategies for Grades 6–12, including easy-to-implement interventions and sample lessons that improve achievement for all students.

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  • Grade Level: PreK-12, Secondary
  • ISBN: 9781412992220
  • Published By: Corwin
  • Year: 2011
  • Page Count: 216
  • Publication date: September 21, 2011

Price: $33.95

Price: $33.95
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A "strategy bank" for secondary teachers

While planning lessons, many teachers wonder, "If I try this, will it work?" "Will I lose ground in teaching the concept?" "Will it help my students make the grade, pass the state tests, or get into college?"

Teachers want solutions, not theory. This book offers a bank of proven RTI strategies for Grades 6–12 that will elevate test scores and improve student achievement for all students, not just struggling learners. The author explains how RTI fits into secondary education and applies it to math, reading comprehension, writing, and more. She summarizes Tiers One, Two, and Three in teacher-friendly language and includes

  • Easy-to-implement and practical interventions
  • Sample lesson plans and visual models
  • Examples of how to address budgeting, staffing, performance, and student culture constraints

The grouping strategies included in each lesson plan improve students' social skills and, in concert with other circumstances, can reduce referrals to special education. RTI Strategies for Secondary Teachers will help teachers take their instruction up a notch in every classroom and reduce stress in the process.




Susan A. Gingras Fitzell photo

Susan A. Gingras Fitzell

Learn more about Susan Fitzell's PD offerings

Susan Fitzell, M. Ed has been touching lives in public schools and beyond since 1980. She has over two decades of experience identifying and meeting the needs of youth with special needs, behavioral and anger management issues, and students who experience bullying. Susan's work focuses on building caring, inclusive school communities and helping students and teachers succeed in the inclusive classroom.

Susan is a dynamic, nationally recognized presenter and educational consultant specializing in special education & Response to Intervention topics, co-teaching, bullying prevention, and adolescent anger management. She provides practical strategies to increase achievement of ALL students in ALL classrooms. Susan's motto is, "Good for all, critical for students who learn differently."

Susan's greatest satisfaction comes from helping teachers make a positive impact using practical, doable strategies that fuel positive, measurable results. Whether she's doing a one day workshop or long-term consulting, Susan's straight forward, common sense approach always yields positive results.

Other books by Susan Fitzell:

Special Needs In The General Classroom: Strategies That Make It Work
Please Help Me With My Homework! Strategies for Parents and Caregivers
Free The Children: Conflict Educational for Strong Peaceful Minds

She co-authored the following book with her daughter, Shivahn Fitzell
Umm Studying? What's That?: Learning Strategies for the Overwhelmed and Confused College and High School Student

Susan is available for in-service, keynotes and consultation.

For Free educational resources and a video sample of Susan’s presentations go to her website: www.aimhieducational.com.

For More Information Contact Susan at:
AIMHI Educational Programs
P.O. Box 6182
Manchester, NH 03108

Table of Contents

Table of Contents



About the Author

1. Introduction: Why This Book This Way?

2. A Snapshot of the Response to Intervention Process

The Three Tiers (Sometimes Four)

Tier One

Tier Two

Tier Three

How does RTI fit into a secondary education model?

General Education Versus Special Education and Responsible Inclusion

Assessment? Well, I Quiz Every Friday. . .

Research-Based Strategies Incorporated in This Book

All right! If I have to do this, what do I really have to do? And how?

Lesson Plan Application to Response to Intervention Tiers

Options for Determining Which Students Should Be in Which Groups

3. Vocabulary Intervention Strategies

Use Vocabulary Mapping to Acquire New Vocabulary

Signing as an Intervention Strategy

Additional Vocabulary Interventions

Additional Nonlinguistic Interventions

Combining Verbal Linguistic and Nonlinguistic Strategies: Practice Strategies for Tiers One, Two, and Three:

4. Reading Comprehension Intervention Strategies

Somebody-Wanted-But-So Summary Strategy

Reading Comprehension Intervention: Reciprocal Teaching

Picture Books: A Secondary Reading Intervention

Figurative Language

Higher-Order Comprehension

Additional Interventions for Reading Comprehension

5. Writing Intervention Strategies

Writing Paragraphs: Grouping and Organizing Information

Use Clustering to Organize Writing

6. Math Intervention Strategies

Model and Solve Equations Using Manipulatives

Multiplication of Fractions Using Manipulatives

Graphing Lesson Plan

Math Vocabulary

Declutter the Math

7. Cross-Curricular Interventions for Higher-Order Thinking and Recall

Mind Mapping, Graphic Roadmaps, and Visual Organizers

Strategy to Remember Sequences

Additional Nonlinguistic Interventions: Graphic Notes

Group and Classify Information to Enhance Long-Term Memory


Additional Interventions for Increasing Recall and Recognition

Identify Similarities and Differences

Teaching Summarizing Skills: Delete-Substitute-Keep

8. Fitzell Acceleration Centers as an RTI Strategy

Acceleration Centers: A Better Alternative

Addressing the Challenges of Implementing Fitzell Acceleration Centers

Acceleration Center Flowchart

Acceleration Center Instructions

Acceleration Center Components

Keep Inventory

Tips for Successful Acceleration Centers

9. Concluding Thoughts





Price: $33.95
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