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Reaching the Heart of Leadership

Lessons Learned, Insights Gained, Actions Taken
By: Avis E. Glaze

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Featuring concrete ideas and action steps meant to re-ignite your passion, this book accentuates the need for innovative, thoughtful leadership based in self-examination, trust, and equity.

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  • Grade Level: PreK-12
  • ISBN: 9781506325323
  • Published By: Corwin
  • Series: Corwin Impact Leadership Series
  • Year: 2017
  • Page Count: 160
  • Publication date: August 27, 2017

Price: $23.95

Price: $23.95
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Refine your leadership effectiveness and expand your leadership legacy!

Whether you’re an aspiring leader, or you consider yourself a veteran searching for a fresh perspective, leadership in an age of disruption, high expectations, and exploding demands is challenging.

In addition to wise applications of power, this small, yet robust, book focuses on the duty leaders face to forge and strengthen bonds of trust and further the school improvement agenda. Designed to ignite your intellectual curiosity, the author coaches leaders on:

  • Honing the dispositions and interpersonal competencies necessary for leadership effectiveness
  • Strengthening self-regard and attitudes toward others
  • Developing a strong human rights orientation
  • Ensuring that equity and excellence go hand in hand
  • Defining what it takes to inspire and motivate others to act
  • Implementing an inside-out approach that empowers them to be agile and flexible leaders

Well suited for any organizational setting, the ideas and action steps offered in Reaching the Heart of Leadership aim to re-ignite the passion and determination in individuals who continue to make a difference in the lives of those they serve.

"Avis Glaze’s views on leadership are unique and powerful for one main reason. She puts things together that people don’t usually think are compatible, thereby reaching new heights and depths of insight and efficacy. She combines empathy and determination; respect and candor; high expectations and persistent patience. The bottom line is as close to 100% success as possible, with every percentage point below 100 unacceptable. Accordingly, Reaching the Heart of Leadership is chock full of unusual insights. For each chapter there are lessons learned, and action steps to be taken, but understand that none of this is about slogans, and all of it has been tested and learned through hard practice. Avis does wear her heart on her sleeve; but also she wears it in every action relationship she encounters. For Avis, every value is a competency and every competency is a value. Read this book and be inspired to be the best leader you can ever be."

Michael Fullan, Professor Emeritus

OISE/University of Toronto, Ontario, Canada



Avis E. Glaze photo

Avis E. Glaze

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Dr. Avis Glaze is known as an international leader in the field of education. As one of Canada’s outstanding educators, she has won many awards for her work in areas such as leadership development, student achievement, school and system improvement, character development and equity of student outcomes. She was a Commissioner on Ontario’s Royal Commission on Learning, influencing the direction of education in that province. As Ontario’s first Chief Student Achievement Officer and founding CEO of the Literacy and Numeracy Secretariat, she played a pivotal role in improving student achievement in Ontario schools.

Dr. Glaze has been a tireless advocate for both excellence and equity in education. She is passionate about the enhancement of public education and believes that educators play a fundamental role in sustaining democracy. Her major assertion, based on her experience as a leader in Ontario’s literacy and numeracy strategy implementation, is that educators have both the will and the skill to improve education. For her, capacity building is at the heart of school improvement.

Dr. Glaze served as Ontario’s Education Commissioner and Senior Adviser to the Ontario Minister of Education and as Professor in Residence in the Faculty of Education at the University of Otawa. Currently, she is President of Edu-quest International Inc. offering a wide range of educational services across the globe. She continues to motivate and inspire educators through speaking engagements and by consulting with school districts, non-profit organizations and businesses to maximize talent and achieve results. Recently, she was appointed as Adviser to the Minister of Education in New Zealand.

Table of Contents

Table of Contents



About the Author

1. Reaching the Heart of Leadership

Leadership Lessons Learned

Action Steps for Reaching the Heart of Leadership

2. Leadership Then . . . and Now

Reflections on Leadership

Questions for Self-Analysis and Reflection

What Motivates Employees the Most?

Empathy: A Quintessential Leadership Competence

How to Take Action for Developing Empathy

Leadership: A Brief Historical Overview

What Is Leadership Today?

Reaching the Heart of Leadership: Key Requirements

Lessons Learned

Action Steps for Developing Empathy

3. Self-Knowledge and Awareness

Know Thyself!

Peripheral Vision and Recognition of Future Trends

Future Trends in Education

Moral and Ethical Decision Making

Biases, Stereotypes, and Prejudices

Leadership Is Political!

Leadership Lessons Learned

Action Steps for Leading Ethically

4. High Expectations for Learning and Achievement

How to Perpetuate a Culture of High Expectations

Equitable and Inclusive Schools for All Learners

Leadership Lessons Learned

Action Steps for Being More Inclusive and Improving Achievement

5. Holistic Education: Character, Career, the Arts, and Entrepreneurship

Character Development

Career Development

The Importance of the Arts in the Curriculum

The Entrepreneurial Spirit and Mind-Set

A Strong Commitment to Advocacy

Working with Diversity: Community Outreach, Engagement, and Development

Leadership Lessons Learned

Action Steps to Enhance Student Success

6. Capacity Building for System, School, and Professional Improvement

Capacity Building: The Essence of District and School Improvement

Improving Ontario Schools: A Strategy That Works

Strategies for Capacity Building and System Improvement

Challenges Facing Our Students

Options and Opportunities That Our Students Benefit From

Leadership Lessons Learned

Action Steps for District and School Improvement

7. Achieving Results, Determining Impact, Recognizing Responsibilities

Achieving Results

Determining Impact

Recognizing Responsibilities

Leadership Lessons Learned

Action Steps for Making an Impact

Conclusion: Reaching the Heart of Leadership—A Few Takeaways

What Do We Hold in Trust for Future Leaders?

Leadership Lessons Learned


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Price: $23.95
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