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Bringing Project-Based Learning to Life in Mathematics, K-12 - Book Cover

Bringing Project-Based Learning to Life in Mathematics, K-12

Moving beyond task-oriented mathematics to truly memorable and equitable project-based learning is simple with the research-based game plan mapped out in this approachable guide.

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  • Grade Level: PreK-12
  • ISBN: 9781071880722
  • Published By: Corwin
  • Series: Corwin Mathematics Series
  • Year: 2023
  • Page Count: 328
  • Publication date: May 18, 2023

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Go beyond problem-solving and performance tasks. Bring project-based learning to life!

Do you want your students to be more engaged in their mathematics lessons while also amplifying cultural relevancy and equity? If so, proceed to the next level of instruction with project-based learning (PBL)! This book provides the whole PBL game plan designed by an experienced, award-winning teacher and researcher. Whether you want to start with small steps or you are ready for full implementation in your classroom, project-based learning experiences can lead to forever memories and deeper learning for your students. Answering the why, what, and how of embarking on the journey toward PBL, readers will find

  • Need-to-Know questions to open each chapter
  • Student and educator vignettes to identify stumbling blocks and successes
  • PBL Plus Tips that identify those small steps teachers can make to gradually shift toward PBL
  • Your Turn prompts to actively connect ideas to your practice

This approachable guide includes everything you need to move from tasks to memorable project-based experiences that leverage student voice and choice and build a welcoming classroom culture!



Maggie Lee McHugh photo

Maggie Lee McHugh

Maggie McHugh believes all students are creative, compassionate, intellectual learners who, when given the right educational conditions, grow to be insightful, engaged citizens in our society. For Maggie, Project-Based Learning (PBL) lays the foundation for every learner to find success. As the Innovation Specialist at La Crosse Polytechnic, a project based secondary school in La Crosse, WI, Maggie has the honor of exploring the world alongside her students, guiding classes such as STEM, Humanities, Makerspace, and Mathematics. Additionally, Maggie has the pleasure of serving as a National Faculty member for PBLWorks, traveling the United States to work with educators on implementing PBL in their classroom and district. To uplift the mathematics community, Maggie serves as the Wisconsin Mathematics Council Annual Conference Co-Chair. She is also a member of NCTM’s Classroom Resource Committee. Maggie is the 2021 Midwest Regional winner of the National University Teacher Award and the Wisconsin Middle School Teacher of the Year for 2019. She received the state honors for the Presidential Award for Excellence in Mathematics and Science Teaching (PAEMST). Maggie has her National Board Certification in early adolescence mathematics. Maggie’s dedication to empowering all learners is fueled by her “kiddos” who daily remind her of the courage, compassion, and perseverance needed to continuously become a better “you”.

Table of Contents

Table of Contents


Section I. The Why

Chapter 1: Why Now?

Chapter 2: PBL Mathematics: Equitable, Engaging, and Effective

Chapter 3: From Problem to Project

Section II

Chapter 4: Chapter 4. Rigorous Content

Chapter 5: Productive Inquiry

Chapter 6: Identity and Agency

Chapter 7: Authentic Connections

Chapter 8: Meaningful Assessment

Chapter 9: Growth through Reflection

Section III. The How

Chapter 10: Classroom Culture

Chapter 11: Role of the PBL Mathematics Teacher

Chapter 12: Find Inspiration

Chapter 13: Launch

Chapter 14: Craft Milestones

Chapter 15: Manage

Chapter 16: Assess

Chapter 17: Reflect

Chapter 18: Design the Experience




Price: $35.95
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