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The Paraprofessional's Essential Guide to Inclusive Education

Third Edition
By: Peggy A. Hammeken

Paraprofessionals' most common questions are answered with this hands-on resource that offers over 400 inclusive strategies, a new chapter on reading, and a CD-ROM with reproducible forms.

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  • Grade Level: PreK-12, Elementary, Secondary
  • ISBN: 9781412966115
  • Published By: Corwin
  • Year: 2008
  • Page Count: 248
  • Publication date: March 16, 2015

Price: $44.95

Price: $44.95
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"A well-designed reference and learning tool for paraprofessionals. The valuable templates can easily be reproduced and used with students."
—Renee Bernhardt, Special Education Teacher
Johnston Elementary School, Woodstock, GA

"This is a great guide. I have already used excerpts for an informal paraprofessional workshop in my school. The paraeducators thought that it covered all the areas of concern that they have. They couldn't believe how many ready-to-use ideas it had."
—Dawne Dragonetti, Special Education Teacher and Instructional Coach
Center School, Stow, MA

Hundreds of strategies that promote success for struggling students in inclusive classrooms!

Paraprofessionals are essential in helping students with special needs access the general education curriculum and receive the individualized attention they need. This updated edition of Inclusion: An Essential Guide for the Paraprofessional answers paraprofessionals' most common questions and provides extensive strategies for all content areas.

Developed as a daily, hands-on working manual, the completely revised edition includes a new chapter on reading, expanded chapters throughout, additional activities for classroom use, more than 75 new strategies, and more than 50 forms available on a CD-ROM for easy reproduction. Ideal for experienced or novice paraprofessionals, this volume includes techniques for supporting students in reading, spelling, language, and mathematics, and covers topics such as:

  • Inclusive practices
  • Policies, procedures, and schedules
  • Accommodations and modifications for the classroom
  • Communication and organizational skills
  • Peer tutoring
  • Behavior management
  • Confidentiality and reporting

Also an appropriate handbook for working with general education students who may need additional help to experience academic success, this resource provides the ideal support for all paraprofessionals working in the general education classroom.

Key features

  • Over 400 strategies for working with students with special needs in an inclusive classroom or resource room setting

  • A brand-new chapter on reading with specific strategies and material to enhance student support in the areas of decoding, comprehension, and vocabulary development, along with new supplemental forms.

  • Updated discussion of special education legislation

  • Appendix and CD includes over 50 reproducible forms to help with communication, planning, documentation, supplemental student aids, and more!



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Peggy A. Hammeken

Peggy Hammeken began her career as an elementary teacher in the American Embassy School in Mexico City. Upon return to the United States, she taught students in the areas of specific learning disabilities, mental retardation, and emotional/behavior disorders. With the implementation of inclusive education, she was involved with the set-up of inclusive programs and staff development and training for educators and paraprofessionals. She has authored three books on the subject. Hammeken received her elementary teaching degree and her master’s degree in special education from Minnesota State University, Mankato. Hammeken founded Peytral Publications, Inc., a publishing house focusing on inclusive education of students.
Table of Contents

Table of Contents



About the Author


1. Building Background


Inclusive Practices: Myth and Reality

Benefits of Inclusive Education

2. The Special Education System

Student Placement

What Are Handicapping Conditions?

Classroom Implications


3. The Special Education Team

4. Confidentiality and Special Education

Mandated Reporting

Confidentiality Related to Students


Guidelines for Confidentiality

5. Getting Started

Learning About Policies and Procedures

The Paraprofessional's Role

Role Delineation

Developing a Schedule

Scheduling for a Substitute

Effective Communication Strategies

Observations and Evaluations

Breakdown in Communication


6. The Paraprofessional and the General Education Teacher

Working in the Classroom Environment

Working With Students

Types of Classroom Instruction


Peer Tutoring and Leadership Opportunities

Skill Reinforcement

Assistive Technology

7. Accommodations and Modifications

What Is the Difference?

Levels of Change

Getting Organized

Frequently Asked Questions

8. Helping All Students Learn

Prereading Stage

Creating Audiotapes

Previewing or Preteaching Materials

On-the-Spot Changes

Novels, Free-Choice, and Silent Reading

Tracking Difficulties

Students With Hearing Impairments

Students With Vision Impairments

9. Support Across the Curriculum

Daily Assignments


Following Directions

Large-Group Instruction

Note-Taking Skills

Organizational Skills

10. Reading

Strategies for Struggling Readers

Reading Decoding

Reading Comprehension

Vocabulary Development

Students With Visual Difficulties

11. Written Language

Prewriting Stage

One Word at a Time

Generating Ideas

The Writing Process

Spelling in the Context of Written Language Assignments

12. Spelling

Grade-Level Spelling Lists

Parallel Spelling Activities

Drill and Practice Activities

Study Methods for Spelling

Spelling Tests


13. Mathematics

General Teaching Strategies

Parallel Math Activities

Modifying Math Assignments

Student Aids

14. Classroom Assessments

General Strategies

Types of Assessments

15. Behavior Management

Behavior Strategy Tips

Reinforcement and Discipline


Providing Structure for Students

Working With Students

Working With Impulsive and Easily Distracted Students

A Final Note From the Author

Resources: Reproducible Forms

Form 1. Contact List

Form 2. Discussion Activities for Paraprofessionals

Form 3. Job Description

Form 4. General Responsibilities

Form 5. Roles and Responsibilities

Form 6. Daily Schedule

Form 7. Special Education Acronyms

Form 8. Daily Log

Form 9. Daily Communication

Form 10. Alternate Plan

Form 11. Medical Alert Form

Form 12. Classroom Information

Form 13. Goal Worksheet

Form 14. Instructional Changes

Form 15. Curriculum

Form 16. Textbooks

Form 17. Daily Assignments

Form 18. Assessments

Form 19. Volunteer List

Form 20. Daily Assignment Log

Form 21. Weekly Assignments

Form 22. Common Abbreviations for Note Taking

Form 23. Chapter Outline

Form 24. Compare and Contrast

Form 25. Weekly Study Schedule

Form 26. Priority Assignment Sheet

Form 27. My To-Do List

Form 28. Checklist: Materials to Take Home

Form 29. Alphabet Activities

Form 30. Alphabet Cards

Form 31. Common Word Families

Form 32. Basic Phonics Rules

Form 33. Dolch Word List

Form 34. Instant Words

Form 35. Bingo Game Grid

Form 36. Tic-Tac-Toe Grid

Form 37. Word List

Form 38. Story Organizer

Form 39. Common Prefixes and Suffixes

Form 40. Charting New Vocabulary

Form 41. Story Starters

Form 42. Story Planner

Form 43. Story Outline

Form 44. Proofreading Checklists

Form 45. Paragraph Sequencing Activity

Form 46. Study Methods for Spelling

Form 47. "What Do I Do if. . .?"

Form 48. Behavior Change Plan

Form 49. Tally Sheet

Form 50. Sample Reinforcement Charts

Form 51. Positive Reinforcement Phrases

Form 52. Point Sheet






Price: $44.95
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