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Optimize Your School

It's All About the Strategy
By: Lyle Lee Jenkins

Foreword by Michael Fullan

Learn how to apply the principles of continuous strategic improvement to energize your team and student body, while evolving your own leadership style to a new level.

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  • Grade Level: PreK-12
  • ISBN: 9781483382890
  • Published By: Corwin
  • Year: 2015
  • Page Count: 312
  • Publication date: May 13, 2015

Price: $40.95

Price: $40.95
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Lead the change that you want to see in your school!

Is your school or district heading in the right direction? In this essential guide for leaders, Lee Jenkins shows how to unite and energize your team as never before, while helping your students to love learning and crave achievement.

A trusted advisor to numerous districts, Jenkins knows how to successfully transform school culture – for the long-term. Beginning with an introduction from scholar Michael Fullan, each chapter presents compelling insights and strategies for leaders, addressing how to

  • Evolve your leadership style to guide, empower and serve
  • Apply the principles of continuous strategic improvement as an antidote to win/lose approaches to school accountability
  • Develop a healthy, positive culture of achievement by deeply engaging your students in their own progress and success

Turn to this resource and prepare to lead positive change, from the classroom to the staff room and beyond.

"This book creates a whole picture approach to school improvement while shunning the current top down model in favor of a school-led plan. The approach not only increases school performances, but values the school-level leadership and instructional faculty."
Amanda Mayeaux, Career Management Specialist
Iberville Parish Schools

“If your district is ready to move from arbitrary to observable, from fractured to focused, and from silos to systems, you’ve found the book that can move entire organizations from a goal mindset to a growth mindset. Lee Jenkins provides common-sense strategies that impact the efficiency and effectiveness of our classrooms, with a clear focus on student growth. In an educational era saturated with the latest remedy for what ails us, Lee provides a refreshing cure by offering simple solutions for lasting change.”
Dr. Jane Stavem, Associate Superintendent for Instruction
Lincoln Public Schools, Lincoln, NE

Key features

  • Meant to guide leaders as they create excelling schools and school systems.
  • The strategic aspect of CSI is in the right standards, the delivery of successful instruction, and in “waste” removal.
  • Frequent use of graphs and charts make implementation as easy as possible.


Lyle Lee Jenkins photo

Lyle Lee Jenkins

Lyle Lee Jenkins is a full-time author, consultant and speaker with his Scottsdale, Arizona firm, From LtoJ Consulting Group, Inc. His earlier career was in the public schools of California as a district superintendent, assistant superintendent, principal, math coordinator and teacher. In addition he was a professor/administrator for Oregon State University for five years.

Lee’s best-seller is Permission to Forget: And Nine Other Root Causes of America’s Frustration with Education. Other continuous improvement titles are Improving Student Learning and From Systems Thinking to Systemic Action. He started his writing career with math manipulative books including It’s A Tangram World, Let’s Pattern Block It, Fraction Tiles, Coin Stamp Mathematics and The Balance Book.

Lee continues to be significantly influenced by the teaching of W. Edwards Deming. The impetus for his current work began in 1992 with a 4-day, in person, Dr. Deming seminar. He received a Ph.D. from The Claremont Graduate University, a master’s degree from California State University/San Jose and a bachelors degree from Point Loma Nazarene University.

Lee’s speaking engagements have taken him to most USA states, Canada, India, Guatemala, Peru, Brazil, Peru, and Chile. He offers keynotes, breakout sessions, and 1-3 day seminars. On his website, www.LtoJConsulting.com, a full keynote, plus segments of breakouts/seminars, are posted.

Lee, and his wife Sandy, have celebrated their 50th wedding anniversary, have two sons, 7 grandchildren one great-grandchild.

Table of Contents

Table of Contents

Foreword by Michael Fullan



Part I. Continuous Strategic Improvement for Optimization

Chapter 1. Continuous Improvement: Placing Wheels on Servant Leadership

Chapter 2. Adding Strategic to Continuous Improvement

Chapter 3. Efficiency: Removing Waste

Chapter 4. Effectiveness: Testing Countermeasures

Part II. The Classroom First and Foremost

Chapter 5. Continuous Strategic Improvement: Classroom

Chapter 6. Student Experts: The Standards

Chapter 7. Practices That Support Powerful Standards

Part III. Continuous Strategic Improvement for Instructional Leadership

Chapter 8. Optimization With the Radar Chart

Chapter 9. The Strategic Plan

Chapter 10. Alignment and Stabilization

Chapter 11. Strategies Worth Testing

Chapter 12. The Dichotomous Rubric and Performance Expectations

Part IV. Optimizing Human Resources and Finance

Chapter 13. Human Resources

Chapter 14. Finance and Operations

Part V. Creating a Culture of Continuous Strategic Improvement

Chapter 15. Classroom: Teacher Experts in Continuous Strategic Improvement

Chapter 16. The Role of the Principal With Continuous Strategic Improvement

Chapter 17. Reflection

Part VI. Results

Chapter 18. Data and Statistics: From a Continuous Strategic Improvement Perspective

Chapter 19. Conclusion and Challenge







Price: $40.95
Volume Discounts applied in Shopping Cart

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