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Learning Tracks

Planning and Assessing Learning for Children with Severe and Complex Needs
First Edition
By: Lindy Furby, Jilly Catlow
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  • Grade Level: PreK-12
  • ISBN: 9781473912533
  • Published By: Sage UK
  • Year: 2016
  • Page Count: 144
  • Publication date: March 02, 2016

Price: $70

Price: $70
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For Instructors

This book is not available as a review copy.


Learning Tracks is an assessment tool to support the planning and assessment of learning for children and young people with severe and complex learning disabilities (SCLD). It was designed by Lindy Furby and Jilly Catlow while teaching at St Crispin’s School for children and young people with severe and complex learning disabilities.

At the very early stages of learning, the steps that children and young people make can be small but incredibly significant for them and those who teach them. However, it can be problematic to evidence and formally recognise these achievements and plan next steps. Learning Tracks presents a framework to recognise achievement at these early levels and plan for progression through challenge, breadth and application. The Learning Tracks framework for recognising achievement at very early levels of learning:

  • Can help teachers understand the way their children may be learning
  • Offers a vocabulary for describing the learning
  • Offers a structure for planning the learning

When you purchase Learning Tracks, you receive the book that introduces you to the framework and theories underpinning Learning Tracks, describes the curriculum included and demonstrates how it can be implemented in your setting. In addition to this book you will also receive access to the complete ready-made Learning Tracks assessment tool that can be downloaded online. This is available as a PDF with editable elements and a template you can personalise it to suit your individual needs.

The access code in this book may be used by the purchaser and shared within their educational setting in order to allow access to the accompanying materials. Access codes must not be shared with others outside the specific educational setting. Permission to copy materials marked as handouts/downloads is granted to the purchaser/setting for educational, non-commercial use only.



Lindy Furby photo

Lindy Furby

Lindy Furby has had a long and interesting career in education. She taught in two primary schools in Brixton London. She then became a primary maths consultant for the Inner London Education Authority; her job was to encourage enthusiastic mathematics teaching. To facilitate her work she took an OU degree in mathematics (and cried her way through summer school – she is not a natural mathematician). Next she moved to Bradford to become a senior lecturer in maths and mathematics education and gained a Masters degree in Maths and Maths Education. After twelve years another move north took her to Edinburgh where she briefly taught in an infant school and then started work at St Crispin’s special school. She found the work enjoyable but very challenging and went on many courses including a Diploma in Autism and Forest School Leadership in her effort to improve the outcomes of her teaching. Now she has retired and spends her time skiing, mountaineering, ski touring, painting, printmaking, travelling and recently writing a book.

Jilly Catlow photo

Jilly Catlow

Jilly Catlow has been teaching in special education for 8 years. As a trained primary teacher, she always knew that she wanted to work in special education, originally with children with social, emotional and behavioural difficulties and autism. Learning disability was something that Jilly was first introduced to in her first mainstream class with a little girl with moderate learning disabilities. This interest grew quickly and Jilly began working at St. Crispin’s two years later. As a relatively inexperienced teacher, especially with severe and complex learning disabilities, Jilly was lucky enough to have Lindy in the classroom next door. They formed a fast friendship and a fantastic working relationship which they supported and challenged each other to learn and develop. To extend her understanding, Jilly undertook a Post Graduate Certificate in Child and Young People’s Mental Health and Psychological Practice, with qualifications in child development, learning disability and challenging behaviour. Over the time at St. Crispin’s, Jilly has specialised in communication and positive behavioural support and is now one of the school’s Principal Teachers.

Table of Contents

Table of Contents

Part 1: The Theoretical Foundations of Learning Tracks

Chapter 1: Learning and Memory

Chapter 2: Learning and Teaching Theories

Chapter 3: Standards and Expectations

Part 2: The Curricular Content of Learning Tracks

Chapter 4: Communications, Language and Literacy

Chapter 5: Health and Wellbeing

Chapter 6: Mathematics

Part 3: Using Learning Tracks

Chapter 7: The Framework for Recognising Achievement

Chapter 8: Adapting Learning Tracks

Price: $70
Volume Discounts applied in Shopping Cart

For Instructors

This book is not available as a review copy.

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