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Hatching Results for Secondary School Counseling - Book Cover

Hatching Results for Secondary School Counseling

Implementing Core Curriculum, Individual Student Planning, and Other Tier One Activities
By: Trish Hatch, Whitney Triplett, Danielle Duarte, Vanessa Gomez

Foreword by Carl A. Cohn

With case studies, examples, templates, charts, graphs, and images, you’ll create and implement high-quality Tier 1 systems of support, including core curriculum classroom lessons and schoolwide activities.

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Hatching Results for Secondary School Counseling - Book Cover
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  • Grade Level: PreK-12
  • ISBN: 9781544342078
  • Published By: Corwin
  • Year: 2019
  • Page Count: 384
  • Publication date: April 30, 2019

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Price: $42.95
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School counseling that makes a difference - for all students!

As a secondary school counselor, you’re charged with implementing a comprehensive program to promote the academic, college/career, and social/emotional development for all students. This means developing school counseling core curriculum classroom lessons, delivering engaging content to students and families, managing classroom behaviors, providing and analyzing assessments, and sharing the results with stakeholders.

The good news is that you don’t have to do it alone! In this guide, four experienced school counselors, national leaders, and expert trainers take you step-by-step through the creation, implementation, and evaluation of a high-quality Tier 1 school counseling system of supports. With a focus on proactive and prevention education through core curriculum classroom lessons, individual student planning, and schoolwide programs and activities, this practical text includes:

  • The school counselor’s role in a Multi-Tiered System of Supports
  • Examples to help with design, implementation, and evaluation of Tier 1 school counseling activities
  • Instruction around selecting curriculum and developing lesson plans and action plans
  • Strategies for managing student behaviors in the classroom, aligned to the school counselor’s appropriate role
  • Alignment with the ASCA National Model
  • Vignettes from practicing secondary school counselors
  • Recommendations for including families in prevention activities
  • Management tools, reproducible templates, and reflective activities and process questions

You teach the academic, college/career, and social/emotional competencies students need to be successful learners. With this book’s expert assistance, you’ll be prepared to not only help them succeed, but also demonstrate to others the impact of the school counseling program on student achievement!



Trish Hatch photo

Trish Hatch

Trish Hatch, Ph.D., retired as a professor at San Diego State University (SDSU) in August of 2019 and was recently awarded Professor Emeritus status. During her tenure, Dr. Hatch served as Director of the School Counseling Program from 2004-2015 and as Executive Director of SDSU’s Center for Excellence in School Counseling and Leadership.

She is the best-selling author of The Use of Data in School Counseling (2013) and co-author of Evidence-Based School Counseling: Making a Difference with Data-Driven Practices (Dimmitt, Carey, and Hatch, 2007) and the ASCA National Model: A Framework for School Counseling Programs (ASCA, 2003, 2005). These books, as well as the three most recent collaborative texts that focus on implementing elementary and secondary school counseling programs, are used throughout the world in the preparation and professional development of school counselors.

Trish recently self-published Pilots, Passengers, Prisoners and Hijackers: An Educator’s Guide to Handling Difficult People While Moving Forward (2018), a book derived from nearly 20 years of workshops and keynote speeches she’d given on the topic.

Regarded within the profession as an advocate and national leader, Dr. Hatch served as a consultant and advisor on school counseling and educational issues for the White House and the U.S. Department of Education under the Obama administration. In 2014, she co-led the organization and planning of the second “invitation-only” White House Convening on School Counseling at SDSU.

A former school counselor, site and central office administrator, state association president, and American School Counselor Association (ASCA) Vice President, Dr. Hatch has received multiple national awards, including ASCA’s Administrator of the Year award and its highest honor, the Mary Gehrke Lifetime Achievement award. She most recently received the National Association for College Admission Counseling’s (NACAC) Excellence in Education Award, previously awarded to First Lady Michelle Obama and Senator Tom Harkin, as well as the inaugural California Association of School Counselors’ School Counselor Educator of the Year award.

As President and CEO of Hatching Results, LLC, Dr. Hatch leads a team of award-winning school counseling professionals who provide training and consultation to school districts across the country.

Whitney Triplett photo

Whitney Triplett

As the Director of Professional Development for Hatching Results, Whitney Triplett trains school counselors and administrators across the nation. Previously at Chicago Public Schools, Whitney supported the district’s 850+ school counselors and college and career coaches, while serving on the board for the Illinois School Counseling Association and instructing school counseling students at Loyola University Chicago. It was through these roles that she was recognized in 2018 as the School Counseling Advocate of the Year for the state of Illinois. Having received RAMP recognition in 2011, Whitney is a former Lead RAMP Reviewer for the American School Counselor Association. As a school counselor, Whitney received a Counselor Leadership Award and an Oppenheimer Recognition Award for her collaborative work in raising the Freshman On Track rate at her school. An Education Pioneer Visiting Fellow Alum, Whitney is passionate about school reform, closing achievement gaps, and school counseling to promote equity, access, and the success of ALL students!

Danielle Duarte photo

Danielle Duarte

Danielle Duarte, MS, is passionate about supporting students’ academic success, college and career readiness, and social/emotional development while using data to show the positive impact of school counselors. She is currently a doctoral student in the Education Leadership Program at Harvard University and co-author of the book, Hatching Results for Elementary School Counseling: Implementing Core Curriculum and Other Tier One Activities. Formerly a school counselor, counseling grant project director, adjunct faculty member at San Diego State University, and Director of Professional Development for Hatching Results Danielle continues to train counselors and administrators in developing comprehensive, data-driven school counseling programs. Danielle was featured in San Diego Magazine’s 17 Big Ideas for 2017: Let’s Implement More School Counseling Programs and earned Recognized ASCA Model Program (RAMP) status in her previous district. Additionally, Danielle served on the Board of Directors for the California Association of School Counselors for seven years including as President (2015-2016) and was also involved in Michelle Obama’s Reach Higher Initiative, attending all national convenings representing California’s Reach Higher Team. Danielle is an AVID Staff Developer, frequent presenter at state and national conferences, and author of multiple articles featured in school counseling publications, including ASCA’s Professional School Counseling Journal.

Vanessa Gomez photo

Vanessa Gomez

Vanessa Gomez, Ed.D., is the Coordinator of Student, Community, Personnel Support in San Jacinto Unified School District where she oversees the development and implementation of an award winning comprehensive school-counseling program, which was the recipient of the Golden Bell Award sponsored by the California School Board Association and the Riverside Model of Excellence Award. Vanessa has 22 years of experience as a school counselor at all levels, including alternative education. During her career Vanessa has experience in developing and implementing comprehensive, data-driven school counseling programs, creating and implementing Student Assistance Programs, she co-created the New Insight Group curriculum and has a vast experience with crisis response counseling including creating and designing suicide prevention protocols. Vanessa earned her doctorate degree from San Diego State University and completed her dissertation study on implementing Trauma Informed Approaches in Schools.

Vanessa has served as the president of the California Association of School Counselors. For nine years Vanessa served as an adjunct faculty at San Diego State University in the School Counseling and School Psychology department. In 2011 Vanessa was awarded the Most Influential Faculty award. She was also the recipient of the American School Counselor Association’s 2009 top 10-school counselors. Vanessa enjoys providing local, state, and National trainings on implementing the ASCA National Model, Student Assistance Programs, New Insight curriculum, Developmental Assets, Trauma Informed Approaches, and Crisis Response.

Table of Contents

Table of Contents

Foreword by Carl A. Cohn


About the Authors


1. Multi-Tiered, Multi-Domain System of Supports: A Framework for Tier 1

An Introduction to MTSS in Education

Connecting MTSS to School Counseling: MTMDSS

Multi-Tiered, Multi-Domain System of Supports (MTMDSS)

MTMDSS Alignment to Text

Aligning MTMDSS With the ASCA National Model

Aligning MTMDSS With the ASCA Position Statements

Aligning MTMDSS With the ASCA Ethical Standards

Multi-Tiered, Multi-Domain System of Supports (MTMDSS) Assessment

2. Franchising Core Curriculum

What Is Franchising?

What Can Students, Families, and Teachers Expect (Count on) From School Counseling Programs?

Ways to Deliver Core Curriculum

Best Practices for Successful Family Education Programs

3. Determining Core Curriculum

Introducing the Art and Science of School Counseling

Evidence-Based Practice and Core Curriculum


Factors to Consider in Selecting and Developing Core Curriculum

College and Career Readiness in Secondary Schools

Creating a Districtwide Evidence-Based Curriculum

4. Lesson Plans

Lesson Plan Development Components

Cultural Responsiveness and Considerations When Lesson Planning

5. Student Engagement

Engaging Student Learners

Student Engagement Strategies

6. Classroom Management

Managing Classrooms

Proactive Classroom Management

How to Handle Students Who Are Off Task or Misbehaving

7. Individual Student Plans


Making Decisions on Your ILP, Implementation, and Best Practices

Overcoming Barriers to Implementation

8. Schoolwide Programs and Activities

What Are Schoolwide Programs and Activities?

Academic Domain Programs and Activities

College/Career Domain Programs and Activities

Social/Emotional Domain Programs and Activities

National Awareness/Pride Celebrations and Campaigns

Selecting and Aligning Your Schoolwide Programs and Activities

9. Pre- and Post-Tests and Assessments

Revisiting the Art, Science, and Wonder of School Counseling

Creating Pre- and Post-Assessments

10. Sharing School Counseling Program Results and Marketing Your Program

Results Reports

Flashlight Results Presentations


Presenting Results to Specific Stakeholders

Using National School Counseling Week and Other Opportunities to Share School Counseling Program Results

Additional Ideas for Sharing Results

11. Supporting Successful Tier 1 Teams and Systems

Effective Systems

Effective Teaming

Recommendations for New School Counselors Related to Delivery of Tier 1 Services






Price: $42.95
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For Instructors

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