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Happy Kids Don't Punch You in the Face

A Guide to Eliminating Aggressive Behavior in School

When there’s a nuclear meltdown happening in your classroom, this book is your trusted guide on what to do in the heat of the moment, and how you can prevent future incidents.

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  • Grade Level: PreK-12
  • ISBN: 9781506392790
  • Published By: Corwin
  • Year: 2018
  • Page Count: 200
  • Publication date: March 29, 2018

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Take a positive approach to behavior intervention for results that work—and last!

When there’s a nuclear meltdown happening in your classroom, you don’t have a second to think. This book is your trusted guide on what to do in the heat of the moment, and how you can decrease the chances of incidents happening in the first place. Its field-tested strategies integrate principles of behavioral intervention with the best practices of positive psychology—a fresh, effective response that respects the tough realities you face every day.

Happy Kids takes a student-centered approach to behavior, emphasizing optimism and student happiness without sugarcoating the realities of managing your students. Inside you’ll find:

  • Ready-to-use tools and guidelines
  • Practical guidance developed from the author’s extensive experience training educators
  • Solutions that work now and support each student’s future well-being
  • A deliberate focus at the classroom, building, and system level

Whether you’re a teacher, school counselor, psychologist, or administrator, Happy Kids has the guidance you need to manage behavior, ensure safety for all, and bring peace back to the classroom and school.

Key features

  • Contains nine chapters, including an introductory chapter, seven core chapters consisting of the ASPEN approach, and a final concluding chapter emphasizing implementation and applicability.
  • The approach and style of ASPEN has deliberate classroom level, building level, and system-levels focus.
  • Includes ready-to-use tools and guidelines designed for immediate implementation.
  • Has been developed from extensive training experiences, thus offers the most practical material that meets educators' needs and requests.
  • Author(s)


    Ben Springer photo

    Ben Springer

    Ben Springer is an award-winning and Nationally Certified School Psychologist. Ben is also the author of the popular book, "Happy Kids Don't Punch You in the Face" and has just released a new book for parents called, "GPS: Good Parenting Strategies: The No-Guilt Survival Guide for Parents During the Pandemic and Beyond" from Corwin Press. Ben received his master's and doctoral degrees from the University of Utah in Educational Psychology. Ben has worked professionally as a teacher, autism specialist, school psychologist, and director of special education. Currently, Ben works as the director of the Family Education Center in Wasatch County School District and manages Totem PD, a professional learning company focusing on practical, ready-to-use tools for educators.

    Table of Contents

    Table of Contents


    Overview: What This Book Will Do for You


    About the Author

    Introduction: The Lentil Incident

    1. The Roots of Aggression and the Coercive Cycle

    2. What Does Not Work

    3. The Triangle of Power: Systems of Prevention and You

    4. Happy Kids Don’t Punch You in the Face

    5. Principles of Applied Behavior Analysis

    6. Optimistic Teaming

    7. Bringing It All Together: The Step-by-Step “Happy Kids Don’t Punch You in the Face” Process

    Conclusion: Where Are They Now? Student Snapshots!


    Appendix A: The Coercive Cycle and How to Break It!

    Appendix B: RIP Catharsis

    Appendix C: RIP Corporal Punishment

    Appendix D: The Better Reprimand

    Appendix E: Differential Reinforcement of Incompatible Behavior (DRI)

    Appendix F: Identifying Core Beliefs When Considering Discipline

    Appendix G: List of Evidence-Based Screening Tools

    Appendix H: Steps to Conduct a Basic Pilot (Feasibility) Study in Your District to Screen for Behavioral Problems in Students

    Appendix I: Influence Tips From Robert Cialdini

    Appendix J: Applications of RICH Theory to IEP Goals and BIP Goals

    Appendix K: The Replacement Behavior Race

    Appendix L: Reinforcement Checklist

    Appendix M: Functional Behavioral Assessment Form

    Appendix N: Sample Behavior Intervention Plan Write-Up

    Appendix O: Behavior Data Infographic

    Appendix P: “Hello There, Elephant” Worksheet

    Appendix Q: Thought Replacement Exercises

    Appendix R: Emergency Contact Information Form (Template)





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