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Updated Edition of Bestseller

Differentiated Instructional Strategies Professional Learning Guide

One Size Doesn't Fit All
Third Edition
By: Gayle H. Gregory

This companion to the bestselling differentiated instruction guide features step-by-step training activities, guidelines for individualized support, research-based responses to concerns, evaluation tools, and coaching tips.

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  • Grade Level: PreK-12
  • ISBN: 9781452291642
  • Published By: Corwin
  • Year: 2013
  • Page Count: 160
  • Publication date: June 25, 2013

Price: $39.95

Price: $39.95
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Support differentiated instruction in every classroom with this updated expert guide!

Keeping up with differentiated instruction (DI) developments can be hard, but you’ll stay on track with this updated guide. The official companion book to the bestselling Differentiated Instructional Strategies: One Size Doesn’t Fit All, this workshop-friendly resource offers step-by-step training activities for job-embedded professional development, plus guidelines tailored for both small study groups and larger staff development meetings.

This new edition of Differentiated Instructional Strategies in Practice: Training, Implementation, and Supervision has been revised to include new strategies and a Common Core lesson-planning template. This professional learning guide remains the ideal accompaniment. Inside you’ll find

• Guidelines for providing individualized support and mentoring
• Suggestions for evaluation, coaching, observation, and supervision of DI practices
• Research-based responses to staff members’ concerns about change
• Implementation and evaluation tools to measure schoolwide progress
• Resources for staff developers and principals implementing large-scale differentiation initiatives

No differentiated classroom is complete without Differentiated Instructional Strategies: One Size Doesn’t Fit All—and no administrative office is complete without its dedicated book study guide. Put the two together and make a successful transition to brain-friendly differentiated classrooms throughout your school.

Praise for the previous edition:
“An excellent resource for understanding the key concepts and strategies of differentiated instruction. Participants in training based on this curriculum will experience the instructional strategies firsthand, facilitating their application in the classroom.”
—Maria Timmons Flores, Assistant Professor
Lewis & Clark College

“The book's major strengths are its fluency, readability, and connection of theory and practice. The activities are doable and will make sense to a classroom teacher.”
—Belinda G. Gimbert, Coordinator, Transition to Teaching Program
Newport News Public Schools, VA



Gayle H. Gregory photo

Gayle H. Gregory

Gayle H. Gregory is first and foremost a teacher, having experienced teaching and learning in elementary, middle, and secondary schools, community colleges, and universities. She has had extensive district-wide experience as a curriculum consultant and staff development coordinator. Gayle was principal/course director at York University for the Faculty of Education, teaching in the teacher education program.
Her areas of expertise include brain-compatible learning, differentiated instructional and assessment strategies, block scheduling, emotional intelligence, student motivation, RTI Tier One, collaborative learning, common core, renewal of secondary schools, enhancing teacher quality, coaching and mentoring, managing change, and building professional learning communities. She also a trainer for Visible Learning Plus with Corwin.

She is an author of numerous books related to educational neuroscience and differentiated instruction, assessment, and curriculum, including the following titles:

• Data Driven Differentiation in the Standards-Based Classroom, Second Edition (2014, with Lin Kuzmich)
• Differentiated Instructional Strategies: One Size Doesn’t Fit All, Third Edition (2013, with Carolyn Chapman)
• Differentiated Instructional Strategies Professional Learning Guide: One Size Doesn’t Fit All, Third Edition (2013)
• Differentiated Literacy Strategies for English Language Learners, Grades K–6 and Differentiated Literacy Strategies for English Language Learners, Grades 7–12 (2011, with Amy Burkman)
• Differentiated Instructional Strategies for the Block Schedule (2010, with Lynne E. Herndon)
• Student Teams That Get Results: Teaching Tools for the Differentiated Classroom (2009, with Lin Kuzmich)
• Teacher Teams That Get Results: 61 Strategies for Sustaining and Renewing Professional Learning Communities (2009, with Lin Kuzmich)
• Differentiated Instructional Strategies for Science, Grades K–8 (2009, with Elizabeth Hammerman)
• Differentiating Instruction With Style: Aligning Teacher and Learner Intelligences for Maximum Achievement (2005)
• The Activities for Differentiated Classroom series (2007, with Carolyn Chapman)

She is affiliated with organizations such as ASCD and Learning Forward. Her ASCD publication is The Motivated Brain: Improving Student Attention engagement and Perseverance (2015, with Martha Kaufeldt).

Gayle consults internationally with teachers, administrators, and staff developers.

She and her family of two daughters and two granddaughters all reside in Burlington, Ontario.

Gayle is committed to lifelong learning and professional growth for herself and others. She may be contacted at gregorygayle@netscape.net, www.gaylehgregory.com, and @gaylegregory6.

Table of Contents

Table of Contents


About the Author

Introduction: Adults Need Differentiated Learning Opportunities Too

Part I. Building School Capacity Through Professional Development

I-1. School Capacity and Student Achievement

I-2. Job-Embedded Strategies for Differentiated Professional Development

Part II. Book Study Using Differentiated Instructional Strategies: One Size Doesn’t Fit All, Third Edition, and Other Training Resources

II-1. One Size Doesn’t Fit All

II-2. Creating a Climate for Learning

II-3. Knowing the Learner

II-4. Assessing the Learner

II-5. Adjusting, Compacting, and Grouping

II-6. Instructional Strategies for Student Success

II-7. Curriculum Approaches for Differentiated Classrooms

II-8. Putting It All Together in Your Differentiated Classroom

Part III. Managing Change in the Professional Learning Community

III-1. The Implementation Process

III-2. Observation and Supervision

Training Resources



Price: $39.95
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