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Deeper Learning Through Technology

Using the Cloud to Individualize Instruction

A teacher and top ed-blogger details techniques for leveraging cloud technology to create a self-paced, learner-centered classroom focusing on each student’s unique learning pace, strengths, and interests.

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  • Grade Level: PreK-12
  • ISBN: 9781483344683
  • Published By: Corwin
  • Year: 2015
  • Page Count: 176
  • Publication date: February 03, 2015

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Use the Cloud to Individualize Your Instruction and Watch Your Students Thrive!

The advent of cloud-stored data that can be entered, changed, and accessed anywhere is a development full of potential for today’s classroom.

This book is the all-in-one resource you need to be sure your students reap the fullest rewards from cloud-based developments. Teacher and top ed-blogger Ken Halla explains:

  • Strategies for leveraging the cloud to create a self-paced, learner-centered classroom
  • How to take advantage of tech tools to facilitate learning
  • Real-life case studies and activities to ensure an enjoyable implementation experience.

Stay ahead of the curve with Ken Halla’s strategies, which you can implement the next morning.

"Halla's book, written from practitioner experience, provides practical and simple integration techniques that will assist both novice and experienced teachers incorporate technology to enhance student learning."
—Eric Sheninger, author of Digital Leadership, Changing Paradigms for Changing Times

“This is a must read--a detailed nuts and bolts guide to classroom tools in the cloud."
—Michael B. Horn, Co-Founder and Director, Christensen Institute
Author of Disrupting Class: How Disruptive Innovation Will Change the Way the World Learns.

"Whether you are an ed tech veteran or just getting started, Halla's book will help you tailor learning to meet the needs of your students. This book will help you create the learner-focused classroom you want to build! A must-have resource for today's teachers!"
—Jaime Casap, Global Education Evangelist

Key features

This book will help you bring a revolution in learning to your classroom! You will learn how to:

  • Expand your Professional Learning Community (PLC) beyond your school or district’s boundaries. This will help you generate amazing new ideas with the advice of the many online leaders you will find by following the suggestions in this book.
  • Individualize instruction, tailoring learning to the pace and needs of each student. You will be better able to differentiate and also have more one on one time with each student.
  • Tackle new tech tools so that you can create a learner-centered, self-paced classroom. You will find chapters filled with easy to understand bullet points that will help you ease into new tools or explore previously known tools in more depth.
  • Find real classroom examples that show you how you too can implement the strategies described in the book.
  • Be challenged. Each chapter contains five Educator Challenges to help you focus on changing your classroom as slowly or as quickly as you feel appropriate.


Kenneth P. Halla photo

Kenneth P. Halla

Ken Halla has been a high school teacher social studies teacher, department chair and advanced placement coordinator for the past twenty-two years. Halla initiated a pilot for e-books which led to all 7-12th graders using e-books in social studies in Fairfax County, VA. Additionally he has been an online teacher and chair for the past nine years and has a popular blog technology and pedagogy blog which receives 65,000 pageviews a month. Halla also has led many in-services and offers a regular class for teachers looking to integrate technology into the classroom. Halla has a Ph.D., is a National Board Certified Teacher and an adjunct college professor You can visit his tech and social studies blogs: US Government Teachers’ Blog, US History Teachers’ Blog, World History Teachers’ Blog or contact him at kenhalla@gmail.com.

Table of Contents

Table of Contents

Part I: The Teacher as Leader of the Digital Classroom

1. Our Changing Digital World

Touring the Internet

Becoming Responsible Digital Citizens

Classroom Examples

Educator Challenges

2. Teacher Collaboration: Online Professional Learning Communities

Professional Learning Communities

Expanding Your PLCs to Social Media

Using Twitter to Build Your PLC

Using Google+ as a PLC Resource

Expand Your PLC by Following Bloggers

Bookmarking in the Cloud

Some Closing Thoughts on Online PLCs

Classroom Examples

Educator Challenges

3. Storing and Sharing in the Cloud

Google Drive Techniques for the Classroom

Refining Google Drive Documents

Beyond Documents

Classroom Examples

Educator Challenges

Part II: The Self-Paced Student

4. The Self Paced Anchor: Flipping the Classroom

What is Flipping?

What to Flip

Making Your Own Screencast

Creating a YouTube Playlist

Learning From a Flipped Video Lecture

The Flipped Classroom

Flipped Class Resources

Classroom Examples

Educator Challenges

5. Interactive Assignments

Creating Interactive Assignments

Resources for Creating Interactive Assignments


What to Do when Technology Devices are Lacking in Your Schools

Classroom Examples

Educator Examples

6. Student Collaboration: Engaging Students With Mobile Learning

Making the Case for the Smartphone in the Classroom

Engaging Your Students With Cooperative Groups

Other Tools to Engage Students

Classroom Examples

Educator Examples

7. Formative and Summative Assessment of Student Learning

Formative and Summative Evaluations

Preparing for the Formative and Summative Evaluations

Online Tools for Conducting Formative Assessments

Classroom Examples

Educator Challenges

8. Looking Forward Into the Present

Classroom Example: Morrisville, NC

Educator Challenges



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