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Deeper Learning - Book Cover

Deeper Learning

7 Powerful Strategies for In-Depth and Longer-Lasting Learning

This book for Grades 4–12 outlines the Deeper Learning Cycle (DELC), a brain-based teaching model for applying powerful learning and content processing techniques to everyday instruction.

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Deeper Learning - Book Cover
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  • Grade Level: PreK-12
  • ISBN: 9781412952040
  • Published By: Corwin
  • Year: 2008
  • Page Count: 328
  • Publication date: August 10, 2013

Price: $47.95

Price: $47.95
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"I felt like I walked the walk and could implement many of the strategies after reading it once."
—Andrea Golarz-Ziemba, Teacher
O.P. Morton Elementary School, Hobart, IN

"If our newest teachers came out of college with this knowledge, supplemented with the learning standards, their students would be more successful from day one."
—Patti Larche, Director of Curriculum and Instruction
Phelps-Clifton Springs CSD, NY

Practical strategies to take your students' understanding from "So what?" to "Wow!"

With the amount of content that teachers have to teach, how can we ensure that students gain a deep and lasting understanding of what they have learned? Based on the most current research on cognition and the brain, this exciting book for Grades 4–12 provides teachers with a systematic, reflective approach to incorporating powerful learning and content processing techniques into everyday instruction.

Nationally recognized experts Eric Jensen and LeAnn Nickelsen outline the Deeper Learning Cycle (DELC), an instructional model that incorporates brain research, standards, and individual learning differences, to help educators teach for deeper understanding and critical thinking. This invaluable resource includes:

  • In-depth chapters explaining the seven stages of the DELC: planning with standards and curriculum, pre-assessing, building a positive learning culture, priming and activating prior knowledge, acquiring new knowledge, processing the learning, and evaluating student learning
  • A Deeper Learning lesson plan template to apply to daily instruction
  • 50 strategies to differentiate instruction based on learning levels and to help students process content in meaningful ways
  • Reflection questions to help teachers apply the material to their own practice

Deeper Learning is a powerful tool to promote and support student progress beyond the surface level of understanding in any subject area. 

Key features

This resource for Grades 4–12 features:

  • Seven stages that bring about deeper learning: standards, pre-assessing, priming and activating prior knowledge, acquiring information, processing for deeper learning, and evaluating the deeper learning 
  • The daily lesson plan that brings about deeper learning 
  • The domains of elaborate and effective processing activities that are placed within the daily lesson plan


Eric P. Jensen photo

Eric P. Jensen

Eric Jensen is a former teacher who grew up in San Diego, California. With a Ph.D. in Human Development, he synthesizes brain research and develops practical applications for educators.

He is listed among the top 30 educators in the world at GlobalGurus.org. Dr. Jensen has authored over 30 books, including Different Brains, Different Learners, Teaching with the Brain in Mind, Turnaround Tools for the Teenage Brain, Teaching with Poverty in Mind, Engaging Students with Poverty in Mind, and Poor Students Rich Students. Dr. Jensen co-founded an academic enrichment program held in 14 countries with over 75,000 graduates. He is a member of the invitation-only Society for Neuroscience and the President’s Club at Salk Institute of Biological Studies.

Dr. Jensen provides conference speaking and trainings that can be found at
jensenlearning.com. Or, contact: eric@jensenlearning.com.

LeAnn Nickelsen photo

LeAnn Nickelsen

LeAnn Nickelsen, M.Ed. is a former teacher and currently provides staff development nationally on topics including brain research, reading and vocabulary strategies, how food affects learning, and differentiated instruction. She was a classroom teacher in three states and won a Teacher of the Year Award in Texas. LeAnn is known as “the teacher’s teacher” because of her practical, research-based examples that teachers can easily implement in their classrooms. She has a passion for both instilling the love for learning as well as helping teachers succeed. She currently resides in Ridgefield, Connecticut and parents her school age twins.

She is the member of Association for Supervision and Curriculum Development (ASCD) and presenter for Staff Development for Educators (SDE). She is the author of eight books published by Scholastic, Inc. including Memorizing Strategies & Other Brain-Based Activities and a four-series set called Comprehension Mini-Lessons. She has written articles for parenting magazines and The Praeger Handbook of Learning and the Brain.

Currently, LeAnn does staff development and may be reached at lnickelsen@comcast.net or call 203-790-0119. To purchase any of LeAnn’s books go to her website: www.maximizelearninginc.com.

Table of Contents

Table of Contents



About the Authors


1. Beneath the Surface: Exploring the Deeper Learning Cycle (DELC)

DELC Model Introduced

Standards & Objectives of the Book

Part I. Preparing for Learning

2. Preparing for Deeper Learning

DELC Step #1. Planning the Standards & Curriculum

DELC Step #2. Pre-Assessing

DELC Step #3. Building a Positive Learning Culture

3. Activating Prior Knowledge and Acquiring New Knowledge

DELC Step #4. Priming & Activating Prior Knowledge

DELC Step #5. Acquiring Prior Knowledge

Part II. Processing the Content

4. Processing With a Purpose

DELC Step #6. Processing the Content

5. Processing Strategies Galore

DELC Step #6. Processing the Content

Part III. Putting It All Together

6. The Lesson Planning Guide

DELC Step #7. Evaluating the Student Learning

7. Processing Must-Have Tips





Price: $47.95
Volume Discounts applied in Shopping Cart

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