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Curriculum Development

A Guide for Educators
First Edition
By: Bill Boyle, Marie Charles
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  • Grade Level: PreK-12
  • ISBN: 9781446273302
  • Published By: Sage UK
  • Year: 2016
  • Page Count: 232
  • Publication date: June 28, 2016

Price: $48

Price: $48
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For Instructors

This book is not available as a review copy.


Curriculum and curriculum issues are at the heart of current debates about schooling, pedagogy and learning. This book will enable practitioners, scholars and academics to understand how to re-design or to suggest changes to curriculum structure, shape and content. Grounded in theory and philosophy, the book also offers practical help in grasping this controversial area.

Inside, the authors:

  • provide practical planning templates
  • support and provoke analysis, discussion and experimentation
  • include definitions of key terms and reflective questions
  • incorporate practical examples and case material based on their work worldwide on curriculum design and evaluation.


Bill Boyle photo

Bill Boyle

Professor Bill Boyle was Professor of Education, held the chair of Educational Assessment and Director of the Research Centre for Formative Assessment studies (CFAS) in the School of Education at the University of Manchester, UK from 1989-2014. During that period he conducted research for and advised the UK government's Department for Education and Department for International Development. The CFAS is the oldest research centre(founded 1988) in the UK for supporting teachers, teacher trainers, schools and policy makers in using formative teaching, learning and assessment and is involved in supporting the development of formative assessment in UK and in many countries around the globe. Professor Boyle and his co-author, Marie Charles, publish their research work in academic and practitioner journals, present at international conferences and workshops, and design and support international developments in the pedagogy of formative teaching and in using learning assessments. Currently, they are working with colleagues in Russia, Armenia, Tajikistan, Kyrgyzstan, Belarus, Saudi Arabia and the USA on understanding, training and using formative strategies for more effective teaching and learning.

Marie Charles photo

Marie Charles

Dr Marie Charles has experience as a teacher, researcher in formative pedagogy and race and inclusion and holds a PhD in Cultural Studies & Humanities. She is currently publishing on decolonisation and reframing the curriculum. Dr Charles is an author/researcher whose work demonstrates that she believes passionately in the development and empowerment of the learner (rather than measurement or grading) being at the centre of the education process – a belief that she carries into her teaching and consultancy practice.
Table of Contents

Table of Contents


Chapter 1 - Curriculum Evolution

Chapter 2 -Developing a National Curriculum: Consultation

Chapter 3 -Curriculum Development: Case Specific

Chapter 4 -Curriculum Reviewing Criteria: Case Specific

Chapter 5 -Science Curriculum: Case Specific

Chapter 6 -Early Years Foundation Curriculum: Case Specific

Chapter 7 -Balancing Raising Standards with a Well-designed and Broad Curriculum

Chapter 8 -Integrating Subjects and Themes

Chapter 9 -Curriculum Construction

Chapter 10 -Curriculum and Assessment

Chapter 11 -Assessment and Testing

Chapter 12 -National Curriculum and Summative Testing



Price: $48
Volume Discounts applied in Shopping Cart

For Instructors

This book is not available as a review copy.