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Collective Equity

A Movement for Creating Communities Where We All Can Breathe
By: Sonja Hollins-Alexander, Nicole Law

Foreword by John Almarode

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  • Grade Level: PreK-12
  • ISBN: 9781071844748
  • Published By: Corwin
  • Year: 2021
  • Page Count: 216
  • Publication date: October 29, 2021

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It’s time for a new beginning

As we transition through very uncertain and challenging times, we have a chance to start again—and do better as a Collective. With newfound acknowledgment of the damage done by structural inequities, systemic racism, and implicit bias, we are ready to create communities that value and support everyone.

In education, that means challenging and dismantling systems that have harmed historically marginalized children and families for generations. Here you’ll find a powerful model for using relational trust, cultural humility, and appreciation of diverse perspectives to build learning communities that collectively uplift all students and all members of the learning community. Features include

  • An original Collective Equity Framework for creating transformative equitable learning environments
  • Protocols for enacting cultural humility, vulnerability, and mutuality dispositions leveraged to create culturally sustaining learning communities
  • Strategies and tools for organizational analyses to guide conversations that support the implementation of culturally fortifying practices at organizational, curricular, programmatic, and instructional levels
  • A behavioral-outcome measurement tool for charting the progress of the members of the Collective towards developing culturally conscious actions and equity focused outcomes.
  • Vignettes and case studies from district and school leaders reflecting examples of how the collective members of their organizations work towards creating transformative equitable learning environments

Positive outcomes always take work. When we build relational trust, value and validate the dimensions of identities for all members in the learning community as a Collective, we are able to create Equity Pathways and Equity Pavers to chart a new course where we can ALL Breathe and achieve our shared objective: educational equity for all.



Sonja Hollins-Alexander photo

Sonja Hollins-Alexander

Dr. Sonja Hollins-Alexander is the Director of Professional Learning for Corwin Publishing. She has been in the field of education for 24 years, with 18 of those years in educational leadership positions at school, district, and higher education levels. She has served as a school social worker, teacher, assistant principal, principal, coordinator, assistant director, director of professional learning, and chief of staff within two Metro Atlanta, GA school districts. Dr. Hollins-Alexander has served on numerous United Way non-profit boards, most recently as the affiliate board president for Learning Forward, GA. She currently serves on the National Affiliate Leadership Council for Learning Forward. Throughout her professional journey, she has gained experience in Strategic Planning, Organizational Improvement, Policy Development, Stakeholder Communication and Engagement, Grant Writing, Instructional Design, Curriculum Development and Implementation, Adult Learning Facilitation, Leadership Coaching, and Conference Facilitation and Design.

As the Director of Professional Learning for Corwin, she is committed to partner engagement and the design and implementation of professional learning services that positively impact teaching and learning.


  • Educational Leadership
  • PLCs


  • Online Professional Development through Virtual Learning Communities: This seminar demonstrates how any district and school can conduct powerful and sustainable professional development by combining well-designed online instruction with the energy of peer-to-peer collaboration using Alexander's unique Learner-Learner model.

Certified In

  • Collective Equity
Nicole Law photo

Nicole Law

Nicole Law, PhD, served as a curriculum coordinator for English language learners, cultural responsivity, AVID (Advancement via Individual Determination), district equity, and mathematics and science instruction in the Metropolitan School District of Wayne Township in Indianapolis, Indiana. In this position, Nicole created multilayered and multifaceted professional learning for teachers and administrators covering all aspects of directed programs and curricular areas. In 2008, Nicole received the National Milken Award from the state of Indiana. Prior to her leadership role, Nicole was a science teacher, administrator, and a building principal. She has an MED in elementary administration and supervision from Butler University and a PhD from Indiana State University. Nicole is the co-author of Collective Equity and Comprehension: The Skill, Will, and Thrill of Reading.

Certified In

  • Balanced Literacy
  • Collective Equity
  • Deep Equity
  • Distance Learning
  • How Leadership Works
  • Leader Credibility
  • PLC+
  • Rebound
  • Social-Emotional Learning
  • Success Criteria
  • Teacher Clarity
  • Visible Learning+ Foundation Series
  • Visible Learning+ Impact Series
  • Visible Learning+ Impact Coaching
Table of Contents

Table of Contents



Publisher’s Acknowledgments

About the Authors


Chapter 1: Coming Together

Coming Together Through Our Shared Truth

Working Together

Coming Together to Work Together

Connecting Dimensions of Identity

Community Agreements and Equity Fatigue

Coming Together Using a Collective Equity Framework

Equity Pathways and Equity Pavers

Understanding the Three Levels of Culture

From Culturally Conscious to Culturally Humble (An Equity Pathway)

Chapter 2: Cultivating an Environment of Collective Equity

From Deficit Thinking to Asset-Based Actions

Shared Truths and Purpose

Vision and Mission Development

Essential Components of Collective Equitable Cultures

Collective Engagement by Design Process

Chapter 3: Enacting Motivation and Relational Trust for the Collective Equity Movement

Relational Trust

The Circle of Trust Approach

The Art of the Heart

The Stimuli of Building Relational Trust

Motivation to Nurture the Collective

Can We Breathe?

Chapter 4: Culturally Fortifying Practices

From Equity Moves to Culturally Fortifying Transformational Practices

Culturally Fortifying Classroom Strategies

Chapter 5: Equity Dispositions for The Collective

Cultural Sustainability

From Systems to Classrooms

Collective Efficacy

Collective Equity Dispositions

Chapter 6: Realizing the Promise of Collective Equity

Leading for Collective Equity

Collective Equity Leadership Attributes

Disrupting Systems of Oppression and Inequity

Engaging the Collective

Equity Pathways

Equity Pavers

Final Words From the Authors





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