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Bullying Today

Bullet Points and Best Practices
Find expert advice distilled into bite-size chapters, with easy-to-implement strategies and real-world examples that help you identify, prevent, and respond fast to bullying and cyberbullying.

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  • Grade Level: PreK-12
  • ISBN: 9781506335971
  • Published By: Corwin
  • Series: Corwin Teaching Essentials
  • Year: 2016
  • Page Count: 224
  • Publication date: April 21, 2016

Price: $39.95

Price: $39.95
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Strategies for addressing bullying—ready when you need them.

Before bullying surfaces in your school, you need to be ready. This book is organized so you can find the answers you need to make meaningful changes in the way you prevent and respond to bullying.

The authors know the challenges educators face. Here they’ve distilled nearly 15 years of research into bite-sized chapters, with strategies and real-world examples to put ideas into action. You’ll learn:

  • Prevention strategies to put in place now
  • How to distinguish bullying from other hurtful behaviors
  • The connection between cyberbullying and in-person bullying
  • Responses that work—and ones that don’t

Bullying Today provides clarity on controversial issues and the complex relationships among your students. It will encourage and empower you to be the solution to bullying at your school and equip you with tools to promote a healthy and vibrant school culture.

"A common-sense practical approach by authors who have the knowledge and passion to help all who work with students."
Deb Bible, Educational Consultant
Hanover Park, IL

"This is a handy guide to lead schools in meaningful discussions about bullying. It offers best practices that will help educators create a positive bully-free atmosphere in the school environment and beyond."
Avis Canty, Instructional Technology Facilitator
Greenville County School District, Greenville, SC

Key features

This book:
Addresses bullying & cyberbullying as related issues that schools must tackle
Contains short, easy-to-read chapters that address specific challenges educators face
Organized in a user-friendly easy-reference guide
Contains all of the authors' newest research about what works in bullying prevention

Educators will learn:
How to tell when kids are just teasing/playing, or actually bullying
What the law says educators are responsible for when it comes to bullying
Reasonable discipline responses to instances of bullying
How to improve school culture
How to make kindness go viral



Justin W. Patchin photo

Justin W. Patchin

Justin W. Patchin is a professor of criminal justice at the University of Wisconsin–Eau Claire. For two decades he has been exploring the intersection of teens and technology, with particular focus on cyberbullying and sexting. He travels the world helping communities make online spaces safer and kinder.

Sameer Hinduja photo

Sameer Hinduja

Sameer Hinduja is a professor of criminology and criminal justice at Florida Atlantic University. He is recognized internationally for his groundbreaking work about cyberbullying and safe social media use among youth. His research seeks to illuminate how best to promote civility, deter harmful behavior, and proactively reduce victimization online.

Table of Contents

Table of Contents


Defining bullying: What it is and what it isn't

1. Bullies or Best Friends? The Challenge of Interpreting Interpersonal Relationships

2. Distinguishing Bullying from Other Hurtful Behaviors

3. Can Someone be an Unintentional Bully?

4. The Case for Including Intent in a Definition of Bullying

Bullying by the Numbers: What we know

5. 160,000 Students Stay Home from School Every Day Because of Bullying?

6. Cyberbullying: Neither an Epidemic nor a Rarity

7. Small Samples Don't Speak "Truth"

8. Ban School, Open Facebook

9. Does Bullying "Cause" Suicide?

10. Most Who Bully Online Bully at School

11. Cyberbullying Less Emotionally Impactful than In-Person Bullying?

13. Nothing Works? Taking Stock of America's "War on Bullying"

The lowdown on laws related to bullying

12. The Criminalization of Cyberbullying

13. Should Cities Have a Cyberbullying Ordinance?

14. Cell Phone Searches: Implications for Educators from Riley v. California

15. Educator Searches of Private Student Social Media Profiles: The Illinois Experiment

16. Minnesota's New Bullying Law and the Ability of Educators to Respond to Off-Campus Bullying

17. Bullying, Students with Disabilities, and Federal Law

Preventing Bullying Before it Starts: What you can do

18. Nothing Works? Taking Stock of America's 'War on Bullying"

19. Bullying Assembly Programs - What Schools Need to Know

20. What the Best Bullying and Cyberbullying Assembly Speakers Do

21. Student Advisory Boards Can Inform Bullying Policies and Prevention

22. Deterring Teen Bullying: Dos and Don'ts

23. Should Schools Monitor Students' Social Media Accounts?

24. Addressing Discrimination to Prevent Bullying

25. Ideas to Make Kindness Go Viral

26. Anti-Bullying Youth Rally at Schools

27. Students Plays to Combat Bullying

28. Educators, Students, and Conversations About Technology Misuse

Rational responses to bullying: What works and what doesn't

29. Anonymous Reporting for Bullying and Cyberbullying Incidents

30. Setting up a Free Bullying and Cyberbullying Reporting System with Google Voice

31. Video Evidence of Bullying: Implications for Effective Response

32. Law Enforcement Involvement in Bullying Incidents: Different Rules and Roles

33. Holding Parents Responsible for Their Child's Bullying

34. A Potential Response to Cyberbullying: Talking to the Parents of the Bully

35. Can a School Respond to Off-Campus Cyberbullying?

36. When Can Educators Search Student Cell Phones?

37. Why Confiscating Student Cell Phones Might Be a Bad Idea

38. Fewer Schoolwide Bans on Devices, More School Climate Initiatives!

39. Teens and Technology, School District Policy Issues




Price: $39.95
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