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12 Coaching Strategies for Leading Professional and Personal Change

Using coaching techniques in place of traditional change management theory, this practical guide for leaders at all levels provides 12 strategies for overcoming resistance to change.

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  • Grade Level: PreK-12, Elementary, Secondary
  • ISBN: 9781412997454
  • Published By: Corwin
  • Year: 2012
  • Page Count: 208
  • Publication date: October 22, 2012

Price: $41.95

Price: $41.95
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How to use coaching strategies to lead change in any organization

Be a CHANGEMASTER is a practical guide for school and district leaders that provides 12 strategies for overcoming resistance to change. Unlike more theoretical books, this text shows how to adopt a coaching style of leadership as a systemic change strategy.

Numerous examples demonstrate how the strategies used in this book have led to transformational change. These success stories are drawn from the work of professionally certified coaches. Components include

  • Challenging assumptions to prevent them from becoming reality
  • Developing a higher purpose to foster happiness and ensure a positive legacy
  • Confronting negativity by reframing and cultivating optimism
  • Gathering a group to aggregate energy, creativity, and encouragement
  • Using imagery and visualization techniques to improve performance
  • Focusing on the future to overcome the errors of the past and challenges of the present

Coaching is the proven change process, and leaders everywhere need to master the skills and strategies coaches use to transform their organizations efficiently and effectively. This book helps turn executives, managers, and team leaders into motivators and their organizations into winners.

Key features

The book will contain many success stories from the field. Readers can be assured the experiences shared in this book stem from the work of professionally certified coaches. They will inspire school leaders to consider (or reconsider) coaching as what it is . . . a powerful strategy for successfully mastering change. It will also contain tools and template for processing the strategies; at least one for each chapter or strategy.

Each chapter will include:
• examples and stories from the field
• practical tools and templates to extend the learning experience or to use in staff and planning meetings
• keys to success


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Karla Reiss

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Karla Reiss is the award winning author of Leadership Coaching for Educators; Bringing Out the Best in School Administrators. She founded The Change Place, LLC in 2004, a coaching and consulting firm dedicated to the continuous improvement of individuals, teams and organizations after 30 years in education, publishing and sales. She and her team of certified coaches offer several levels of coaching training programs to leaders of school systems, government and non-profit organizations, businesses and individuals who wish to learn a coaching style of leadership, including Powerful Coaching for Powerful Results™ certification program, CKEY; Coaching Kids, Empowering Youth™ and various related programs. The Change Place, LLC also provides executive and leadership coaching services, workplace and leadership assessments and products that support others to lead professional and personal change. She is also a frequent speaker at national, state and local conferences.

As a school administrator, Reiss worked with more than 50 school districts in a variety of school improvement roles, the majority as coordinator of professional development at Western Suffolk (NY) Board of Cooperative Education Services. She has conducted numerous professional development programs and school improvement opportunities for K-12 staff and district leaders. She is certified in strategic planning and served on the New York State Education Department’s statewide steering committee for Comprehensive District Education Planning. She was president of New York State Staff Development Council and served on the Executive Board of the Long Island Association for Curriculum and Staff Development.

Karla Reiss is a graduate from the Institute of Professional Excellence in Coaching in 2002 and received additional coach training at the College of Executive Coaching. She holds a bachelor of science degree, a master’s degree in special education and a professional diploma in school district administration. Her professional and personal inspiration and transition into the world of coaching was a result of the invitation to participate in Oxygen TV’s program, The Life Makeover Project in 2002. She has applied all of the coaching techniques and strategies described in this book to her own life and now helps others courageously transition their lives, leadership style and organizations to fulfill their goals, hopes and dreams.

Table of Contents

Table of Contents



About the Author


1. Challenge Assumptions

Challenge Those Assumptions

How Assumptions Hold Us Back

Assumptions Become Reality

Thinking for Success

Change Your Thoughts at Any Time

How to Challenge and Banish Assumptions

Tips for Success


2. Have a Higher Purpose

Why Purpose and Happiness Matter

What Is Your Mission?

It's Not About the Soap

What Legacy Will You Leave Behind?

Finding Meaning in Work and Life

Leading Yourself and Others to Discover Their Higher Purpose

Finding Joy

Your Life's Compass: Creating a Personal Mission Statement

A Word About Courage

Tips for Success


3. Awareness of Limiting Thoughts

What Are Limiting Thoughts?

Managing Limiting Thoughts and Beliefs

The Power of Choice

How to Change Limiting Thoughts to Expanding Thoughts

A Formula for Freedom

Direct Your Brain to Change

Tips for Success


4. Nix the Negatives and Naysayers

Be Wary of Your Words

How We Connect

Confronting Negatives and Naysayers

Be a Better Listener

Practical Ways to Nix the Negatives

Reframing: A Powerful Skill

When People Won't Budge

Cultivating Optimism

Tips for Success


5. Gather a Group

Why Gather a Group?

An Inspiring Example

Asking for Help

How to Ask for Help

A Coaching Approach to Leading Groups: "I Have a Group. Now What?"

How to Coach Groups

Two Group Coaching Models

Successful Group Coaching

Benefits of Group Coaching


Tips for Success


6. Emotionally Connect to the Goal

How to Create an Emotional Connection to Your Goal

The Mind, Body, and Goal Connection

Tips for Success


7. Maintain Momentum

Coaching to Action

Resistance Ahead!

Shifting from Discussion to Action

Choosing Courageous Actions

Maintaining Organization Momentum

Tips for Success


8. Ask How Can I?

Become a Possibility Thinker

How to Develop a Possibility Thinking Mind-Set

Tips for Success


9. See Success Smiling

What the Research Says

Imagery and Visualization Techniques

Peak Performance Strategies

How and Why Visualization Is Effective

A Success Story

The Science Behind Imagery

Why Smile?

Why Seeing Success Smiling Works

Tips for Success


10. Turn Talk to the Future

The Future Is Now

Coach Approach

Attributes of a Future-Focused Leader

Self-Talk and Group Talk


Turning Self-Talk to the Future

Turning Talk to the Future With Groups

Tips for Success


11. Expect and Welcome Discomfort

A Personal Example

Why Discomfort Is Good

Taking Charge of Discomfort

Managing Fear

Tips for Success


12. Remain Relentlessly Focused

Narrow the Focus

Meditation Helps Focus

Multitasking Is Out: Focus Is In

Why Stop Multitasking?

Saying No

Letting Go

Pay Attention to Your Attention

Tips for Success


13. Conclusion

Underlying Coaching Concepts


Tool.01 Challenge Assumptions Tool

Tool.02 Have a Higher Purpose Tool 1: My Joyfinder

Tool.03 Have a Higher Purpose Tool 2: A Starter Set of Questions

Tool.04 Have a Higher Purpose Tool 3: Creating a Personal Mission Statement

Tool.05 Examining Limiting Thoughts Tool

Tool.06 Nix the Negatives and Naysayers Tool 1: A to Z Uplifting Words

Tool.07 Nix the Negatives and Naysayers Tool 2: Noticing the Negatives

Tool.08 Gather Your Group Tool

Tool.09 Emotionally Connect to Your Goal Tool 1

Tool.10 Emotionally Connect to Your Goal Tool 2: Words That Evoke Positive Emotions

Tool.11 Maintain Momentum Tool

Tool.12 Ask How Can I? Becoming a Possibility Thinker Tool

Tool.13 See Success Smiling Tool

Tool.14 Turn Talk to the Future Tool

Tool.15 Expect and Welcome Discomfort Tool

Tool.16 Remain Relentlessly Focused Tool

Tool.17 Be a CHANGEMASTER Tool





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Price: $41.95
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