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Assessing Multilingual Learners - Book Cover
Updated Edition of Bestseller

Assessing Multilingual Learners

Bridges to Empowerment
Third Edition
By: Margo Gottlieb

Foreword by Margaret E. Malone

Through eight thoroughly revised chapters that emphasize relationship building as the backdrop for linguistically and culturally sustainable assessment, this book ties assessment to teaching and learning to foster agency and empowerment.

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  • Grade Level: PreK-12
  • ISBN: 9781071897270
  • Published By: Corwin
  • Year: 2023
  • Page Count: 344
  • Publication date: November 09, 2023

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Empowering multilingual learners, families, and teachers

With its emphasis on relationship building as the backdrop for linguistically and culturally sustainable assessment, the bestselling second edition of Assessing Multilingual Learners significantly impacted the field of language education. Applying the groundbreaking assessment “as,” “for,” and “of” learning model to new contexts, this updated third edition offers educators welcoming and encouraging ways to support multilingual learners to succeed in school and beyond.

Through eight thoroughly revised chapters, Dr. Margo Gottlieb ties assessment to teaching and learning to foster agency and empowerment for multilingual learners, families, and teachers. This book envisions assessment as a process integral to and embedded in curriculum and instruction through:

  • Assets-based language
  • Student-centered activities
  • Classroom assessment tools
  • Portraits of practice illustrating authentic assessment practices
  • References and resources for stimulating discussion
  • Deep questioning for thinking through processes, dilemmas, or challenges

Assessing Multilingual Learners explores the realities and possibilities of classroom assessment as a road to inspire multilingual learners, their families, and teachers to reach great heights.



Margo Gottlieb photo

Margo Gottlieb

Margo Gottlieb, a staunch advocate for multilingual learners and their teachers, has always envisioned multilingualism and multiculturalism
as cornerstones of education. As co-founder and lead developer of WIDA at the University of Wisconsin–Madison, over her career, Margo has been a language teacher, coordinator, bilingual facilitator, director of assessment and evaluation, and an international advisor. Having presented and keynoted across the United States and in 25 countries, she has worked with universities, organizations, governments, states, school districts, and schools in co-constructing linguistic and culturally sustainable educational policy and practice. Margo has been an invited blogger and speaker for virtual seminars, webinars, podcasts, book chats, and videos; in addition, she has enjoyed reviewing books, journal articles, policy papers, and grants.

Over the years, Margo’s scholarship has focused on co-designing language development standards frameworks for WIDA, TESOL International Association, Guam, and American Samoa, reconceptualizing classroom assessment, coconstructing curricular frameworks for multilingual learners, and evaluating language policy. Margo has been appointed to national and state expert advisory boards and has been a Fulbright Senior Scholar in Chile, appointed to the US Department of Education’s Inaugural National Technical Advisory Council, and was honored by TESOL International Association for her significant contribution to the TESOL profession.

Holding a PhD in Public Policy Analysis, Evaluation Research, and Program Design, Margo has published extensively, having authored, co-authored, or co-edited over 100 publications including monographs, guides, manuals, white papers, technical reports, articles, more than 30 chapters, encyclopedia entries, and 20 books. Joining Assessment in Multiple Languages: A Handbook for School and District Leaders (2022) and its companion, Classroom Assessment in Multiple Languages: A Handbook for Teachers (2021), she is proud to add this 3rd edition of her best-selling book to her Corwin compendium.
Table of Contents

Table of Contents



About the Author


Introduction: Shifting Assessment Mindsets

Chapter 1: Empowering Multilingual Learners and Teachers Through Assessment

Chapter 2: Issues in Assessment for Multilingual Learners

Chapter 3: Assessment as, for, and of Learning

Chapter 4: Multiliteracies, Multimodalities, and Multilingualism in Assessment

Chapter 5: Connecting Assessment to Curriculum and Instruction

Chapter 6: Dynamic Student Assessment Systems

Chapter 7: Student Evidence for Learning

Chapter 8: Assessment and Grading Practices






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