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Apps for Learning, Middle School - Book Cover

Apps for Learning, Middle School

iPad, iPod Touch, iPhone

Turn your classroom into a digital adventure in learning with the best apps for middle school classrooms, such as Play2Learn, SpellBoard, Solar Walk, Book Creator, and more!

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Apps for Learning, Middle School - Book Cover
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  • Grade Level: PreK-12
  • ISBN: 9781452243061
  • Published By: Corwin
  • Year: 2012
  • Page Count: 160
  • Publication date: October 19, 2012

Price: $28.95

Price: $28.95
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Turn your classroom into a digital adventure in learning!

In the classroom of the 21st-century, the power of mobility has begun to play a significant role in the learning experiences of our students. The ubiquitous digital devices they use so frequently and unconsciously can be harnessed as powerful tools for learning, creativity, and discovery.

With Apps for Learning, Middle School: 40 Best iPad/iPod Touch/iPhone Apps for Classrooms, Harry Dickens and Andrew Churches continue an exciting journey through the world of educational apps. Learn about some of the best apps for middle school classrooms, such as:

  • Creative storytelling apps like Puppet Pals HD 
  • Powerful language skill builders like Play2Learn and SpellBoard 
  • NASA HD and Solar Walk, which allow you to take a trip across the galaxy 
  • Book Creator to make your own unique digital books
  • Drawing Pad to produce a work of art

These apps and many more are just waiting for you and your students to discover!

Key features

  • Separate content area chapters offer content specific apps with detailed classroom application examples that illustrate how teachers can use these apps to teach students academic content
  • Detailed descriptions of each app's functions also include carefully selected screen shots that graphically illustrate the functions
  • The Apps in the Spotlight feature in every chapter highlights numerous apps for each content area and includes basic information on each, including cost, application type, curriculum area (where applicable), and basic functions and features.
  • Many of the selected apps are free or low-cost and have considerable staying power, (e.g., iBooks, iMovie, Google Earth, NASA, Prezi) in order to give teachers a resource that will have an extended shelf life.
  • The selected apps can be used with individual students or with class sets of devices.
  • An APPS LIST at the end of the book is a handy resource for readers who have interest in particular apps.


Harry J. Dickens photo

Harry J. Dickens

Learn more about Harry Dickens' PD offerings

Harry Dickens is an Instructional Technology Consultant for several school districts in Arkansas and other states. Previously, he was the Technology Director for the Arkansas Public School Resource Center. Prior to his position at the center, Harry was a classroom teacher in Texarkana and El Dorado, Arkansas. He left the classroom to become the instructional technology director for the Texarkana School District. Harry teaches professional development classes on infusing technology into instruction throughout Arkansas, as well as at national conferences. He is a member of the core Technology Infused Education (TIE) team, a technology group of more than 100 instructional technology trainers in Arkansas. Harry is also a member of the Technology Information Center for Administrative Leadership (TICAL), which is a cadre of administrators that contributes new technology resources and provides orientation and training sessions throughout the state. He is currently serving on the Arkansas State technology planning committee and is chairing the teaching and learning subcommittee. Harry believes that receiving education content extends beyond district or state boundaries. He also believes we must embrace mobile technologies as a teaching tool, as well as a delivery mechanism for relevant content for classrooms. Harry has a wife named Quita and two young sons, Harrison and Jordan.

Andrew Churches photo

Andrew Churches

Andrew Churches is a teacher and ICT enthusiast. He teaches at Kristin School on Auckland’s North Shore, a school with a mobile computing program that sees students with personal mobile devices and laptops. He is an edublogger, wiki author, and innovator. In 2008, Andrew’s wiki, Educational Origami, was nominated for the Edublogs Best Wiki awards. He contributes to a number of web sites and blogs including Techlearning, Spectrum Education magazine, and the Committed Sardine Blog. Andrew believes that to prepare our students for the future we must prepare them for change and teach them to question, think, adapt, and modify.
Table of Contents

Table of Contents


1. Tools for the Basics

2. Tools for Literacy

3. Tools for Social Studies

4. Tools for Mathematics

5. Tools for Science

6. Tools for ESOL

7. Tools for Speaking in Tongues

8. Tools for Sharing and Talking

9. Tools for Creating

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Price: $28.95
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