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A Guide to Curriculum Mapping

Planning, Implementing, and Sustaining the Process
By: Janet A. Hale

Foreword by Heidi Hayes Jacobs

A step-by-step guide to successful curriculum mapping initiatives!

This comprehensive text for teachers and administrators with varying levels of curriculum-mapping experience provides step-by-step guidelines for developing a teacher-designed curriculum that is coherent, consistent, and aligned with standards. The author explores the stages of contemplating, planning, and implementing curriculum mapping across all grade levels to help improve student learning and create systemic change. This practical resource includes advice from teachers and administrators who have used curriculum mapping, and features:

  • Samples of four types of curriculum maps
  • Assistance for selecting a Web-based mapping system
  • Reflective questions in each chapter
  • A glossary of terms

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  • Grade Level: PreK-12
  • ISBN: 9781412948920
  • Published By: Corwin
  • Year: 2007
  • Page Count: 328
  • Publication date: December 13, 2007

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"With imagination and serious reflection, the author has generated a detailed resource with exercises, worksheets, staff development activities, and sample maps to assist any staff developer or curriculum designer. This book particularly connects to those who are at the beginning levels of their mapping journey."
—From the Foreword by Heidi Hayes Jacobs

A step-by-step guide to successful curriculum mapping initiatives!

While curriculum mapping is recognized as a highly effective method for serving students' ongoing instructional needs and creating systemic change, the means for putting this data-based decision-making process into practice may not always be clearly understood. This in-depth resource speaks to teachers and administrators with varying levels of curriculum-mapping experience and describes how teacher groups drive the process by engaging in collaborative inquiry as they review one another's curriculums for gaps, redundancies, and new learning. The collected data assist in designing month-to-month instructional plans for all grade levels and subjects, resulting in a curriculum that is coherent, consistent, and aligned with standards.

Drawing on her experience in working with thousands of educators across the country, Janet A. Hale offers specific steps for coordinating and sustaining strong mapping efforts that become embedded in school culture. The author explores the stages of contemplating, planning, and implementing a curriculum mapping initiative and helps the reader examine critical components that affect a learning organization's progress through each phase. The book presents powerful tools and features that significantly enhance curriculum mapping efforts:

  • Samples of four types of curriculum maps—Diary, Projected, Consensus, and Essential
  • Guidelines for deciding what type of map to use to begin the process
  • Assistance for selecting a Web-based mapping system
  • Reflective questions at the end of each chapter
  • A complete glossary of terms

A Guide to Curriculum Mapping includes extended coverage of the challenges of curriculum mapping, offers encouragement and advice from educators who have successfully implemented a mapping initiative, and provides the necessary clarity to put curriculum mapping into action.

Key features

  • Breaks the complex curriculum mapping process down into manageable steps
  • Presents examples of different kinds of curriculum maps
  • Offers flowcharts, figures, and a glossary to help explain the mapping process
  • Includes encouragement and advice from actual teachers and administrators


Janet A. Hale photo

Janet A. Hale

Janet Hale is an educational consultant and trainer who is passionate about supporting educators in making curriculum decisions that ensure, enhance, and enrich learning and teaching experiences. She works with schools, districts, and higher-ed programs in the areas of curriculum, instruction, and assessment. She specializes in curriculum mapping; standards literacy and alignment; and documenting learning.

Her Masters in educational leadership and curriculum development; elementary, secondary, and special education classroom experiences; and working alongside teachers and administrators for over 20 years enable Janet to provide unique insights that aid the learning organizations she has the pleasure of assisting.

She has written an assortment of educational resources, including three titles for Corwin, and enjoys presenting at national and international conferences.

Janet resides in Tucson, Arizona, with her husband, Johnny, and their four-legged Schnauzer children. Visit Janet’s consulting website: CurriculumDecisions.com and documenting learning website: documenting4learning.com. You can follow her on Twitter @janet_hale, as well as @doc4learning. She can be contacted via e-mail at teachtucson@aol.com or by phone at 520.241.8797.


Table of Contents

Table of Contents

List of Figures

Foreword by Heidi Hayes Jacobs


A Resource for Teachers and Administrators

Overview of the Contents


About the Author

1. How Do We Need to Think, Act, and Meet Differently?

Thinking Differently: Planned Versus Operational Curriculum

Acting Differently: Verification Versus Speculation

Meeting Differently: A Collegial Forum


Review Questions

2. What Are the Four Types of Curriculum Maps?

Four Types of Curriculum Maps

Curriculum Map Elements: An Overview


Review Questions

3. What Should We Consider Before Developing Curriculum Maps?

First Consideration: Exploring Personal and Collaborative Understanding of Curriculum Design

Second Consideration: The Ongoing Nature of Mapping Reviews

Third Consideration: A Mapping Sequence That Is Right for Your Learning Organization


Review Questions

4. What Elements Are Commonly Included in Curriculum Maps?

Curriculum Map Alignments and Elements

Writing the Elements


Review Questions

Descriptive or Not Descriptive? That Is the Question! (Math Focus)

Descriptive or Not Descriptive? That Is the Question! (Language Arts Focus)

Skill Versus Activity (Math Focus: Primary Grades)

Skill Versus Activity (Various-Discipline Focus: Upper Grades)

Assessment Versus Evaluation

5. What Should We Know Before Creating Diary Maps or Projected Maps?

Points to Ponder

Implementation Considerations


Sample Projected/Diary Maps

Review Questions

Conducting an Initial Read-Through: Facilitator Explanation and How-To Guide

Conducting an Initial Read-Through: Team Member Explanation and How-To Guide

Initial Read-Through: Collaborating to Create Quality Maps

Initial Read-Through Card Shuffle Debrief

6. What Should We Know Before Creating Consensus Maps and Essential Maps?

Map Type Differentiation

Developmental Considerations


Sample Consensus Maps and Essential Maps

Review Questions

7. How Should We Be Using Our Created Curriculum Maps?

Conducting Data-Driven Reviews

Investigating the Curriculum


Review Questions

8. What Data Is Often Incorporated When Refining Curriculum Maps?

Additional Map Data

Essential and Supporting Questions


Review Questions

9. How May Standards Influence Our Curriculum Design?

Standards and Curriculum

Breaking Apart Standards

Determining Power Standards


Review Questions

10. What Should We Consider Regarding Technology?

Commercial Online Mapping Systems

Mapping System Considerations


Review Questions

11. What Should We Focus on When Planning Our Implementation?

Systemic Change and Curriculum Mapping





Action Plans


Review Task

12. What Roadblocks and Brick Walls May We Encounter Along the Way?

Practical Advice From Practitioners

Glossary of Terms

Curriculum Mapping

Types of Maps

Map Elements


Seven-Step Review Process

Common Review Focuses

Curriculum Mapping Intra-Organizations

Miscellaneous Terms





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