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Roberta Richin

Roberta A. Richin is a nationally recognized author and educator specializing in improving student learning and safety through professional development. With Banyon, Banyon, and Stein, Ms. Richin is a co-founder of the Connecting Character to Conduct© consulting team and co-author of the book and related materials of the same title. Her model for leadership and consensus building is used by public and private schools, law enforcement organizations, parent-community groups, and corporations. Richin has presented this model at numerous conferences conducted by such organizations as the American Association of School Administrators, Association for Supervision and Curriculum Development, Children’s Defense Fund, National Symposium on Child Victimization, School Administrator’s Association of New York State, New York State Education Department Conference on Inclusive Schools and Communities, the Nassau-Suffolk Bar Association, the Center for Prejudice Reduction and the Parent-Teacher Association. Since 1975, Richin has published journal articles and curricula, and has contributed to books focusing on the education and well-being of children and families. Ms. Richin continues to dedicate the majority of her time to providing school-based support for instruction by collaborating with students, teachers, administrators, and parents at the classroom, building, district, community, and university levels. She and her colleagues can be reached at Inductionhelp@aol.com.