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Raymond D. Terrell

Raymond Terrell, EdD. retired as Associate Dean for Research and Diversity and member of he department of Educational Leadership at Miami University, Oxford< Ohio. He previously worked at California State University, Los Angeles where he served as Professor of Educational Administration and for five years he was the Dean of the School of Eduction. His journey in education began in a public school district where he taught English to junior and senior high students;. He also was a principal and an assistant superintend in the same district. Dr. Terrell is co-author on a number of books including , Cultural Proficiency: and a A Manual for School Leaders, Cultural Proficient Leadership. His books and numerous articles and life’s work have all focused on issues of equity and inclusion


  • ELs
  • Cultural Proficiency



  • Cultural Proficiency: These sessions introduce the Tools of Cultural Proficiency as a shared commitment to excellence and equity for all students. The consultants engage participants using strategies and tools needed for districts to embed Cultural Proficiency into schools’ academic cultures. Upon completion of the sessions, participants will understand and know how to apply the 4 Tools: the Guiding Principles, Essential Elements, Continuum, and Barriers related to Cultural Proficiency. Participants in these interactive sessions will explore the best ways to weave these tools into the fabric of their schools.

    Attendees Will Learn How to:

    • Use collaborative actions to effect change in a school
    • Lead a learning community toward becoming a Culturally Proficient organization
    • Understand how someone’s perspective influences what they believe about cultural groups
    • Develop a unique and field-tested plan for addressing equity and diversity and for ensuring that schools are places of learning that value students of all backgrounds

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