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Michelle L. Trujillo

Michelle Trujillo is passionate about igniting hope in schools and the workplace! She is known to make a tangible, sustainable, and positive difference through her books, speaking and interactive workshops. Michelle shares enthusiasm, experience, and applicable take-aways with her audience. Her sincerity, enthusiasm and expertise are contagious and substantial. Named Nevada's 2016 Innovative Educator of the Year, Michelle has appeared on television (including Oprah) and radio stations across the nation as a guest expert. A life-long educator, Michelle is the author of Start With the Heart: Igniting Hope in Schools through Social and Emotional Learning, Why Can't We Talk; What Teens Would Share if Parents Would Listen, and Chicken Soup for the Soul presents Teens Talkin' Faith. Michelle is the Co-Founder of The Center for Learning and Well-Being and she invites you to visit www.centerforlearningandwellbeing.org for resources and professional learning opportunities.