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Michael W. Corrigan photo

Michael W. Corrigan

Dr. Michael W. Corrigan is a well-published Associate Professor and Director of Research at Marshall University in Huntington, West Virginia. He teaches Educational Psychology, Human Development, and Research Methods. Dr. Corrigan’s more recent large scale research projects include five U.S. Department of Education grants studying character development and academic achievement in Florida, Ohio, North Carolina, Tennessee and West Virginia; as well as a National Science Foundation grant collaborating with NASA that studies the impact of science-based inquiry on academic achievement in at-risk youth. Corrigan’s earlier research into the deviant behavior of youth in relation to community engagement was funded through the Department of Justice. Dr. Corrigan has taught within a juvenile detention system and is also the founder of the nonprofit Neighbor’s Day Initiative Group that seeks to build safer communities for youth. Corrigan’s community work has been featured in the Christian Science Monitor and other national publications.