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Mei Kuin Lai

Mei Kuin Lai completed her doctorate at the University of Auckland and has since worked as an education con­sultant to support practitioners (teachers, principals, administrators) and Ministry of Education officials as they develop inquiry as part of their daily lives. Her cur­rent role at the Faculty of Education at the University of Auckland involves bringing the research and practice worlds together by supporting practitioners and educa­tion consultants in embedding inquiry into their current roles and by developing collaborative researcher-practitioner projects that improve teaching and learning. She has had extensive experience in training prac­titioners, particularly those involved in Ministry of Education School Improvement Initiatives, to effectively analyze and use data on student learning to improve school practices. Her work encompasses a variety of school settings across New Zealand, from multicultural urban settings to small rural communities. She is currently in charge of developing a train­ing program for education consultants (School Support Services Facilitators) at the Faculty of Education to develop inquiry as part of their roles.