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Maegan Giroux

Maegan Giroux is an accomplished mathematics teacher, instructional coach, and educational consultant, currently working in Regina Catholic Schools. Having taught for over a decade at every grade level from kindergarten to grade 8, Maegan's teaching philosophy is rooted in innovative and student-centered approaches, with a strong emphasis on thinking classroom pedagogy, fostering student autonomy, and implementing robust assessment practices. Maegan also works in Canada as a valuable member of the Building Thinking Classrooms professional development team. In this capacity, she plays a key role in facilitating workshops related to Building Thinking Classroom methodologies, sharing her expertise and insights with educators who are interested in implementing these innovative teaching practices. She speaks frequently at various educational conferences, where she imparts her knowledge on a wide range of math teaching concepts, further contributing to the advancement of mathematics education in Canada and beyond. In addition to her role as an educator, Maegan is actively engaged in academic pursuits. Her current research focuses on decolonizing mathematics education by challenging power dynamics through the framework of the 4 Rs of Indigenous research.