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Enid Zimmerman

Enid Zimmerman has published over 90 articles, 15 book chapters, and co-authored 22 books and monographs including Art/Design: Communicating Visually; Artstrands: A Program for Individualized Art Instruction; Women Art Educators I, II, III, IV, V; Educating Artistically Talented Students: Resources for Educating Artistically Talented Students: Under-standing Art Testing; Issues and Practices Related to Identifi-cation of Gifted and Talented Students in the Visual Arts; Programming Opportunities for Students Talented in the Visual Arts; and Research Methods and Methodologies for Art Education. Zimmerman was a committee member of the National Art Teacher Exam and consultant to the National Board of Professional Teaching Standards. She was Chair of the National Art Education Association (NAEA) Commission on Research and an International Society for Art Education World Councilor. She received the NAEA Barkan Research Award, the NAEA Women’s Caucus Rouse and McFee Awards, and the National Association for Gifted Children’s Paper of the Year Award. She was named Indiana Art Educator, NAEA Western Region and Higher Education Division Art Educator, NAEA Distinguished Fellow, NAEA National Art Educator, and the United States Society for Education through Arts Ziegfeld Award. Along with Gilbert Clark, she was recipient of a Javits Gifted and Talented Children’s Grant (Project ARTS) from 1994-1997. Her most recent research projects involve editing a section of the Handbook of Research and Policy in the Field of Art Education on teacher education, co-authoring a chapter about artistically talented students, and working with the Hong Kong Department of Education to develop a program for teaching talented art students.