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Brad M. Currie

Brad Currie has been an educator for 20 years as a coach, teacher, and administrator. He currently serves as a Director of Planning, Research, and Evaluation for the Chester School District in Chester, New Jersey. Brad is the 2017 NASSP National Assistant Principal of the Year and part of the ASCD Emerging Leaders Class of 2014. He is the co-founder and co-moderator of a weekly Twitter discussion for educators called #satchat. Brad has authored five books including the newly released Tech Request: A Guide for Coaching Educators in the Digital World. He presents nationally on leadership, teaching, and learning in the digital era. Brad has served as an adjunct professor in Drew University's Graduate School of Education and is a Google Certified Trainer. Connect with Brad by following him on Twitter @thebradcurrie or visiting his company website at www.evolvingeducators.com.


  • Connected Leadership
  • PLNs



  • All Hands on Deck: Tools for Connecting Educators, Parents, and Communities: Stakeholder engagement in the virtual is paramount in this day in age. Schools now have an abundance of technology based tools to tell their stories, inform stakeholders, and promote student and staff achievements. Learn how tools such as Twitter, Facebook, Animoto, Google Apps, Edmodo, YouTube, and Instagram open up the classroom walls for the world to see.
  • If You Build It, They Will Learn: 1:1 learning environments provide students with a chance to collaborate, create, critically think, and communicate on a daily basis. Examine ways that schools can enhance student learning experiences through integrating devices, educational apps, and Web 2.0 tools. Sound pedagogical teaching coupled with innovative technology integration can promote the success of all students.
  • Jump Right In! Ride the Waves of Advantageous Social Networks: Learn how being a connected educator can be a game-changer in your professional life. Understand how various social media tools such as Twitter, Google+, Pinterest, Facebook, and Blogs can put you in touch with best practices 24 hours a day, 7 days a week.
  • Google and the Common Core. So Happy Together.: Google Apps for Education provide educators with a wide array of tools that foster collaboration, creation, critical thinking, and reflection. Learn about the power of Gmail, Drive, Calendar, Sites, Google+, Google Hangouts, and Classroom and how they address the Common Core and promote student success. As an added bonus, see how Google Apps, Extensions, and Chrome can make your life more productive and efficient.
  • What's on My iPad: iPad applications can have a profound impact on how students learn about the world around them. Educators can do so many amazing things such as flipping the classroom, backchannel, and provide students with an opportunity to show what they know in a variety of creative ways. Come away with a solid working knowledge of iPad apps can transform learning environments and enhance educational practices.
  • Ten Ways to Spice Up Faculty Meetings: Faculty meetings do not have to be boring! There are so many ways to turn agenda based meetings into collaborative and meaningful experiences for staff. Learn how building level leaders can leverage the power of technology and good old fashioned collaboration in order to move staff forward in a positive direction. All options are on the table including Smackdown Sharing Sessions, EdTech Breakout Sessions, and Multi-Disciplinary Mini Workshops.
  • Move From Effective to Highly Effective Utilizing Technology: Based on Charlotte Danielson's Four Domains of Highly Effective Instruction, participants will come away with twenty web based tools that transform their teaching style. From planning and preparation to the classroom environment, come away with a strong knowledge base to engage students in relevant learning experiences.
  • Digital Perspectives: Empathy and reflection are critical components when it comes to teaching and leading in the digital world. See first hand what life is like as an innovative educator from three perspectives: superintendent, principal, and teacher. The educational world has so many opportunities in large part due to technology. Leveraging the power of digital tools is no longer an option.