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Visible Learning in Early Childhood

Evidence-based Strategies for BIG Learning Impact in the Early Years


Visible Learning in Early Childhood


Visible Learning in Early Childhood

Knowing which teaching strategies work best and when can have a significant impact on a child’s development and future success.

Backed by evidence from over 25 years of international education research and analysis, Visible Learning in Early Childhood explores seven core strategies for learning success. With these developmentally appropriate practices, you'll discover how to partner with children to encourage high expectations, set the right level of challenge, and focus on explicit success criteria.



The Early Childhood Education Playbook

The Early Childhood Education Playbook

The Early Childhood Education Playbook examines how the Visible Learning® research can guide our decisions as we plan, teach, document, and partner with families and colleagues so that we can have the greatest possible impact on learning and development of children from birth to age 8. Each of the modules unpacks unique characteristics of early childhood environments as well as coherent practices that form a strong foundation for learning over time.



Chapter 5: Visible Learning and Understanding the World in Early Childhood

Free Chapter Preview:

Visible Learning and Understanding the World in Early Childhood

In this chapter from Visible Learning in Early Childhood, the authors focus on the following questions:

  • What works best in early childhood learning as children learn about their world?
  • How do we activate learning in our young learners in ways that help them better understand the world?





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