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Working at Corwin

Hear from Corwin Team Members

Dan Alpert, Program Director

Dan Alpert, Program Director

Please share your story about why you choose to work for Corwin, and why Corwin inspires you to do your best.
I came to Corwin with a passion for social justice and a sincere desire to sponsor authors and programs that work to increase the odds of success for all students -- including those who have been historically marginalized. I had been with my previous company for more than a decade and was on the fence about the making a move. I received a care package with five Corwin titles. At the top of the pile was Glenn Singleton's "Courageous Conversations about Race." Reading Glenn's book was my "tipping point." I concluded that any company that had the conviction to sponsor such courageous publications was the right home for me. I've since worked with Glenn on two subsequent book projects as well as other brave and talented champions for educational equity.

What is your proudest moment as a Corwin employee? Please share a story about a milestone or accomplishment by you as an individual or by Corwin as a company.
There are so many proud moments but one recent example was attending the 2014 National Association of Multicultural Education award ceremony where Gary Howard's "We Can't Lead Where We Won't Go" received the Philip C. Chinn Book of the Year Award. This book/video package is the cornerstone of a complete professional learning program which also includes Corwin-sponsored consulting and institutes. I'm passionate about this program, which was designed to enact system-wide, equity-focused reform and am especially proud to be a steward of Gary's work.

Do you have any other memories, stories, or general thoughts that you'd like to share?
Corwin is truly an extraordinary home -- for authors, consultants, change agents, artists, visionaries, and those of us who share a passion for helping children and creating a better world. I not only feel valued and honored as a professional, but am reassured to be part of an organization that truly embraces values that are consistent with my own. I'm so glad to have landed here!

Lori Barnett, Sales Administrator

Lori Barnett, Sales Operations Manager

I've always been impressed by how intelligent and passionate everyone at Corwin is. The wealth of knowledge that is necessary in order to work with our brilliant authors and dedicated customers is astounding. Everyone is focused on educating our children in the most successful way possible and it is reflected in how tirelessly everyone contributes to that goal.

Kelly Valentine, Senior Account Manager, Professional Development Solutions

Kelly Valentine, Professional Learning Advisor

Why are you at Corwin?
The vision, mission and values of Corwin strongly mirror my own, and the steadfast passion, energy and dedication to supporting educators are deeply rooted in every aspect of Corwin. I am here because I am continuously inspired, motivated and elevated by my colleagues, our clients and most importantly, the students we work for.

Why have you stayed with Corwin for so long?
I am celebrating five years with Corwin and I strongly believe I have found my “forever home” in a company. I am here because I truly care about the work we do and am honored each and every day to work with amazing colleagues and globally-recognized leading educators and researchers.

Why do you pull the long days?
Because it is worth it! Our clients – teachers, administrators and most importantly, our students – depend on us and need us. For me, there is no greater calling than knowing the work we are putting in today (regardless of how many hours) has a significant, profound and immediate impact into the lives of educators and students.

Why do you put in the extra effort?
We are blessed to have truly forward-thinking, compassionate and driven leaders at Corwin and they have a developed a culture that embraces hard work, dedication and determination while understanding a healthy balance of work, life, and family. I put in extra effort because I know our leaders expect it of us, and we want to deliver because we know we can! I want to not only meet our goals, but exceed them.

What is it about Corwin that drives you?
The colleagues I work with, the authors and practitioners who are in the trenches with our clients every day, and the students who will be the future leaders of tomorrow. Corwin has professionally and personally grown me in so many ways and the past five years have been nothing short of incredible.  I can’t wait to turn the page for the next chapter with Corwin!