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Pathway to Student Engagement

Pathway to Student Engagement


As teachers, we want students to engage in their learning, but have we explicitly taught what that looks like? In this professional learning opportunity, teachers and instructional coaches will

  • Examine the cognitive barriers of engagements and strategies that teachers can implement that target those barriers to result in better student engagement.
  • Come away with best practices to help get students that are actively disengaged to begin to invest in themselves and their learning.
  • Receive the tools needed to re-engage students and re-establish the essential focus on learning that our students desperately need to not only engage in their learning but be the driver of their own learning.



Watch this short video from Douglas Fisher to learn about the importance of teaching students how to engage and the benefits of this professional learning opportunity.

What you’ll learn

This workshop includes two 6-hour day sessions with accredited Corwin consultants. We’ll provide teachers and instructional coaches with an understanding of engagement including the nine cognitive barriers to engagement. This session is designed to support teachers as they work to understand a students’ specific challenges and approaches that can be taken to target those specific challenges.  As part of the session, we explore universal response opportunities, student-teacher relationships, collaborative conversations, teacher clarity and credibility, feedback, and how to increase students’ ownership of their learning.

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