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What's next on your PLC+ journey?

You have explored the PLC+ framework, engaged in deep discussions, and examined potential impact on student learning – what comes next?

Begin your journey of implementation and develop a high-functioning PLC! PLC+ professional learning offers a comprehensive method of engaging educators in a cycle of learning through inquiry. This practical and evidence-based framework, developed by Douglas Fisher and Nancy Frey, revitalizes current collaborative structures and helps to support teachers’ decision-making in the context of individual and collective efficacy, expectations, equity, and the activation of their own learning.

Our PLC+ books, free resources, and professional development series serve as the driving forces for taking actionable steps to make better decisions and greater impact by design.

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Join the Community

Join the Community

Engage with the PLC+ community using #BethePlus on Twitter! While keeping students at the forefront of learning, PLC+ recognizes the vital role that educators play in the equation of successful teaching and learning. #BethePlus provides a space for educators to share how they are implementing the PLC+ framework and presents an open dialogue for questions and commentary.



Measure Your Impact

Measure Your Impact

How is your PLC functioning now and what actions can be taken to elevate its performance? In collaboration with your PLC team, take our exclusive assessment to review the current state of your PLC and pinpoint areas for growth, development, and restructuring.


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Establish a Foundation

Douglas Fisher and Nancy Frey have designed three types of learning walks that allow teachers and faculty alike to see learning in action. Rounding out learning walks to three distinct mechanisms gives way to effectively exploring common classroom challenges and improving upon traditional instructional rounds.

Read more about the types of learning walks within a PLC+ in an excerpt from the core book of the framework.




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Want to bring this learning to your school or district? Get in contact with your Senior Professional Learning Advisor to start planning for the implementation of long-term, sustainable professional learning programs that make a positive impact on educators and student achievement.