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What's next: Distance, Blended & Simultaneous Learning

After exploring how to design teaching and learning strategies that leverage technology and ensure engagement for all learners, both in the classroom and at home – what comes next?

Explore customized professional learning options for your team in Simultaneous Learning or Assessment for Distance & Blended Learning. Our multi-day PD sessions will provide your team with the opportunity to engage in live, synchronous interactive webinars that  dive deeper into strategies and move you into the next step of school and district-wide implementation. Explore PD options for your team below!


Simultaneous Learning Workshops

Our Simultaneous Learning professional learning session supports educators in designing learning experiences that leverage technology and develop routines and procedures that ensure engagement whether some students are at home or in the classroom. This completely personalized virtual session will immerse you in an active and empowering learning experience that will enhance your understanding of how to create impactful learning environments.




Want to bring this learning to your school or district? Get in contact with your Senior Professional Learning Advisor to start planning for the implementation of long-term, sustainable professional learning programs that make a positive impact on educators and student achievement.



Assessment for Distance & Blended Learning Workshops

This high-impact, custom-paced professional learning session will allow participants to measure student learning in any setting, dive into an exclusive virtual resource center, and engage in the 4 key concepts of Assessment for Distance and Blended Learning providing participants with a better understanding of what tools work best for their environments.




Ready to go beyond distance learning and extend your professional learning to other areas? Check out other professional learning pathways here.


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