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What is CFA 2.0?

CFA 2.0 is a process for intentionally aligning and integrating standards, assessment, instruction, curriculum, feedback, and ongoing data analysis that teachers and students can use to adjust their instruction and learning strategies.

School districts, educational service agencies, and other educational organizations can now build internal capacity by establishing their own team of certified trainers to deliver CFA 2.0 workshops within their region. In addition, participants of CFA 2.0 Certification Training will receive helpful presentation materials and resources, and an exclusive discount on training materials.

Common Formative Assessment processes have developed beyond the 6 steps outlined in Ainsworth’s original Common Formative Assessments into a 10-step process in Common Formative Assessments 2.0 (CFA 2.0).

Participant Outcomes

  • Become certified to present the 4-day CFA 2.0 Workshop throughout their region
  • Learn how CFA 2.0 is a system of intentionally aligned components
  • Understand the importance of how using high-quality assessment questions will help provide better inferences about student learning
  • Know how to continually adjust instruction based on results from ongoing quick progress checks
  • Become the “go to” coaches and facilitators who are readily available to answer questions about each step in the new ten-step process
  • Understand how CFA 2.0 is a way for students to monitor and adjust their individual learning strategies
  • Learn how to critique CFAs created by their colleagues, and to offer support and guidance as needed

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